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Dish Network / fraudulent billing practices!

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I am a dish network customer myself, - and decided to treat my mother and father-in-law (Bill and joan denison) to an upgraded receiver, so they could see their local channels more clearly on their tv. Since it is difficult for either of them to deal with dish network themselves, I have been doing all of this on their behalf at their request. The equipment upgrade charge was put on my credit card.

I am so frustrated with dish network company I could scream!!! In mid-august of 2007 I set up an appointment to have a new receiver installed, and was told it would be $59.95. I decided the next day to upgrade to a dual-receiver hd instead for $169, - and was told that this would include the cost of installation. I noticed, however, that the most recent bill has charges for both the $59.95 and the $169.

I called on august 15th and explained the over-charge to them and was assured they would refund the $59.95, which has not happened. Additionally my in-laws were given a dvr which we never ordered, and so were charged a more expensive price as well as now being charged an extra $6.52 extra every month for dvr service they do not want.

The first bill also has all types of miscellaneous charges that were neither discussed nor agreed on.

I called on september 5th and spoke to a man, and explained the situation. He did not seem to understand, and seemed very unclear about what I was disputing, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. When he put me on hold I was disconnected. I called back and spoke to a lady who said her name was shren. She said that the $59.95 charge was requested but never approved as the agent did not document it correctly, but she would take care of it. She again had difficulty understanding me, so I asked to speak to a supervisor, at which time I was once again disconnected. I called again and spoke with a denise who said she would refund the installation charges, and also would schedule a new appointment to swap out the receiver so we would not pay so much. She said she was transferring me to some type of account specialist who would be authorized to set this up for me, - but once again I was mysteriously disconnected. At this point I am so frustrated with the incredibly poor customer service, that I can’t take the stress of calling again. Here are the errors on their part:

1. We should only have been charged $169 for a dual-tuner hd receiver, but were given a dual dvr receiver and charged $199 instead, as well as the $59.95 installation charge. I think this error is fairly obvious looking at the billing statement, - since the credit card charge on 8/13 was specifically for $169, not $199. If I had authorized a dual dvr hd receiver, the credit card charge would have been $199 instead. Now my in-laws are forced to pay an additional $6.52 every month because of receiving the incorrect equipment. I hardly think they will ever even use the dvr feature, - thus it is a wasted monthly expense.

2. I did not order the hd package. I only wanted them to have the hd receiver in the event in the future they decide to order the hd package, then they would have the correct equipment for it. I understand it is $6.00 per month extra for having this tuner, and that is ok. However, dish network has given them the hd package, - and even if it is free for 6 months (As the agent tried to claim) I didn’t ask for it, and now I have to cancel in 6 months and go through the hassle of dealing with incompetent billing agents.

3. I was promised that the overcharge of $59.95 would be refunded, and am now told it will not be.

4. I tried to call and resolve this and was met with incompetence and was disconnected three different times. I never once yelled or raised my voice to any of the agents, but I suspect that rather than connect me to a supervisor, or spend the extra time needed to resolve my situation, each one chose to hang up on me. Either that or all three were extremely incompetent with the phone system.

Unfortunately my in-laws (And myself) are now stuck with dish network for the next few months, until our contracts expire. However I assure you in the meantime I will be considering any other options for the future, - rather than dish network.

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  • Li
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    I work at dish network and I can understand all of your complaints, they treat their employees pretty bad as well, needless to say I’m still there and dealing with you angry customers. I apologize for all the rough times you have with dish. Dishes network is a sweat shop for their employees were just numbers and are in constant fear of being terminated. For one we have stats to up hold and if we don’t make those stats were looking at termination, we have to take one phone call after another, never supposed to take a breather or time to type notes on every call off a phone call. Not to mention all the angry customers that we get screaming one after another, we get it rough working there but it pays the bills. Not to mention they require over time and make you work odd hours all the time. Dish is cheap. I work for the commercial department and we have to up hold a 5 minute handle time or like I said its either a write up or termination if we don’t met those standards, and that probably one of the main reasons why our customer services is not as good as it should be. having good stats will get you off the phones by promotion or give you a bonus pay at your paychecks, so why would you let a customer hold you up for that extra pay? it is very difficult at dish all the way around and if you would like you can defiantly e-mail your concerns with the account number and I’ll be more than willing to correct any issues on the account that you can’t get anywhere on the phone with other agents. I try to have every customers satisfied with me as a customer service representative before they hang up (but you can’t win them all). So if you guys are really frustrated with anything from dish network, please let me know and I can one explain the situation to you or two correct any mistakes on the account, feel free to e-mail me at

  • Di
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    I had this problem with Direct TV. Doesn't it just fry you to call customer service and get someone in another country who doesn't even speak or understand our language enough to be of any service much less customer service? I, myself, refuse to speak to them. I always ask for a supervisor; and if he or she cannot speak English, I ask to be transferred to an office in the U.S., which by the why is getting harder to find. Has corporate America sold out this country and given jobs to other countries for the sake of a dollar? Big companies deserve to go belly up for all their greed!

  • Sh
      13th of May, 2013
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    Dish Network - Fraudulent billing practices
    Dish Network
    United States

    When I initially set up my account I told the rep. that I get paid once a month on the third Wednesday of each month. He said that would not be a problem that I can address that when I set up auto pay. I specified that date when I set up the auto pay online. Well now for three months in a row they keep trying to force through payments at random times throughout the month causing me additional fees and shutoffs. They told me this morning that I should have waited to start services at the end of the month in order to make the payments hit my account at the right time and that they cannot change the due date now. Of course they cant, they are making too much money from fees to do that! They made a verbal contract with me when the account was set up and have broken it time and time again. I have just filed complaints with the Boulder BBB and will be filing a complaint with my state's attorney general office. This is at the least bad business practice and considering that they bill an entire month ahead, technically I have never been behind on any payments. They think they do whatever they want too. sorry Dish, they are laws protecting consumers in America and I for one am going to see that they are implemented against Dish Network.

  • Ma
      14th of May, 2013
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    Sherby B, I understand this has been an inconvenience for you and I will be glad to review your DISH services for the problems you are experiencing with your billing and see how I may help you. Please email for assistance with the DISH services.

    Thank You

    Mark Haakenson
    Social Media Representative
    3 pm – 11 pm Sunday through Thursday

  • Bi
      5th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    DISH FRAUD !!! Please do what I did and contact your State Atty Generals office and the Better Business Bureau. My complaints were answered in writing by a Dish Representative ( writing) who should be writing fiction for a living !!! My honest belief is that they lie so much on an everyday basis that the truth simply does not exist in the DISH corporate culture.

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