Dish Networkbundle scam - huge price difference

saw an advertisement for an $89 a month bundle with Dish network, internet & phone service, called sales, got an appt set-up for my new home, I asked about taxes at the end of our "sales" conversation, was told it would be $101 or $103 can't remember the exact, had problems from the get go with installation coordination, the Tv was installed okay, it took numerous calls and there bad communication and lack of to get the Internet & phone set-up i went a week or more without either, until it was finally resolved, then I find out the phone didn't really work, I could not call out and everyone I call is long distance, they told me I was to be charged 10.00 month for that feature and for like 700, and it's not unlimited, it took numerous "more phone calls: and i insisted they credit me the difference of $10.00, MY BIG complaint is what a scam their business practices are, they quote you one thing and now I am Paying between 24-38 dollars more a month than i was quoted of the $101 a month from their sales dept, and I come to find out after 12 months they can raise the rates, they don't tell you that, it a 2 year contract, it is mis-leading, and i think maybe illegal. i will be looking into it and my alternatives, we had just dish Tv for more than 12 years in califonia and never had this problem, they have horrible customer service and are generlly down right rude, their problems start at the top, DO NOT BUNDLE with Dish Network.

Feb 07, 2015

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