Dish Networkbilling

Since we anticipated travel and an early move, we purchased our Dish equipment to avoid any service cancellation charges or other problems when it came time to move. We recently had an issue with loss of service while traveling and paid our bill over the phone with a credit card and paying the EXACT amount your rep requested while on the phone. NOW we have just received a bill for $5.00 threatening to discontinue service unless the $5.00 is paid by April 18. Need I remind you, your service is billed in advance. See back of bill for Monthly Service 4/20/16 to 5/19/16 that service period has not even started. In addition to this, you had the audacity to place the threat on the front of the envelope for all to see. (This is prima fascia evidence and easily recognized as intimidation and defamation of character.) Anyone seeing this would have no idea the threat was over a mere $5.00 and was for services not yet received.
Please discontinue all DISH services effective Monday April 18, 2016 and refund all charges already paid for service April 19, 2016 and forward.
Copy and supporting documentation is being sent to CEO Charlie Ergen.
CC. BBB and CEO Charlie Ergen

Apr 11, 2016

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