Dish Networkbilling and fees

Hello. I have talked to so many people within the Dish Network Service and including supervisors. I had so much trouble with my billing being continually wrong. Every statement was wrong and If they corrected one issue there were new issues on the next billing.

I was promised after call after call after call and so much of my time wasted on hold and being transferred to then miraculously getting dropped on their end of the call just when we were getting to the finalizing. I finally got to talk to a person back in May of 2014 that apologized and agreed they would cancel my services and not charge an early term fee. I had been with Dish for many years. I found out just a few weeks ago that I have a collection with them. They charged me for the service long after I cancelled and returned the equipment for (in which I had to argue and complain because they said they did not show my equipment returned and I had proof) and they charged an early term fee after countless hours on the phone to get this resolved. Now they are refusing to take this off and asking me to pay for services I did not even have the service for (they say they cannot pull up the phone records to listen) but yet want me to pay for services when I did not have them AND the early term fee!!! This is horrible service!!!

So I finally talked to someone that agreed to send me the invoices for what they are claiming to charge me. It states "Please do not respond to this email. If there are any questions you will need to contact Joseph Pearson at [protected], ext. 79162 from mon fri 6-4 for further assistance." I called this number and was told there is no one there by the name and the extension doesn't exist. I am over it and over them messing with my credit.

I just want these unreasonable and unfair charges removed.

Feb 01, 2017

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