Direct Expressprocedures to follow if you experience fraud on your account

Procedures to report fraud to Direct Express/Comerica

If you have any questions, or have an issue which we can help, contact me at [protected] AFTER you have done these steps. This will help you tremendously.

1. Contact Direct Express immediately: Send synopsis or copy of your statement (outlining or circling "fraud"). Be very careful to document the time and date that you gave notice. Send notice to:
Email- [protected]
Telephone- Fraud Unit (Direct Express) [protected]
Fax to Fraud Unit- [protected]
Make Direct Express aware that whomever receives the "notice" can give immediate credit, acknowledging the fraud, without conducting an investigation.
Direct Express/Conduent employee is authorized to correct the error in the account immediately, without having an investigation being conducted. The majority of fraudulent activity is evident immediately upon inspection the statement, and does not always need to be referred to an investigation, subjecting the cardholder to undue and unwarranted delays of having their money.(Direct Express/Conduent employees read a script, and have no cognitive skills from which to draw conclusions.
12CFR205.11(c)(4) -Correction without investigation
2. Contact your local police. File a police report. Get a copy of your report. Send the copy of the report to [protected] and/or fax to [protected].
3. If the fraud happened 60 days or longer before you were aware of the fraud, Direct Express will try to tell you that you are liable for the amount of that fraud: this is not true. The financial institution "may" or "might" attempt to make the cardholder liable, but as stated before, the fact that statements were sent is not conclusive evidence that the cardholder was aware of the fraud.
12cfr205.6(b)(3)(2) Transfers not involving access device. (Supplement)
4. Follow up with police to make certain your local police make contact with the local police where the fraud took place.
5. Contact the security department and/or the legal office of the merchant where the illegal purchase took place. If the fraud was a money transfer to a bank account or debit card account, send a copy of the police report to the merchant, bank, or debit card company.
6. Even if Direct Express, knowing you know the law (12CFR205), they can give immediate credit and will not communicate with law enforcement or other merchants/banks/debit card companies, in order to catch the criminals.

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    Direct Express is a debit card, administered by Comerica Bank.
    Comerica Bank must abide by Regulation E (Electronic Fund Transfer).
    Many Direct Express cardholders are victimized by Comerica Bank.

    If you have any questions, or are a victim, email me at [protected]

    Things you must know that Direct Express will not want you to know:
    1. (A)Oral/verbal and/or written communication to the call center, or any department of Direct Express, is "notification."
    (B) The financial institution "may" require written confirmation, but a written report is not mandatory.
    Also, the investigation must begin at the moment of notification, as is noted below in 205.11(c)(1)
    2. The mandate that financial institution shall "investigate promptly" has been interpreted as immediately. As in the case of Direct Express, since all persons are "call center persons, " notification to a person who will, or has the intellect to "investigate" is questionable.
    3. The customer can request a copy of the investigation from the bank.
    12CFR205.11(d)(1) Written explanation

    Laws governing Direct Express/Conduent (call center persons) mandate…
    (A) Must acknowledge the first call to the call center giving notice of the fraud.
    (B) Can decide to conduct no investigation; noticing fraud immediately, and reimbursing the cardholder
    (C)Must begin the investigation immediately upon receiving verbal notice.
    (D)Cannot wait for written reports from the cardholder to begin the investigation.
    (E)Must give full provisional credit within 10 days of reporting fraud if the investigation will take up to 45 days.
    (F) Cannot hold cardholder liable for knowing about fraudulent activity if circumstances such as hospitalization or travel are a factor.
    (G)Must give a record of the complete investigation if requested.
    (H) Cannot hold cardholder liable for any negligence or trusting behavior, i.e., give access information to a family member, or caregiver, to access funds on behalf of the cardholder.

Nov 26, 2018

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