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I, Like everyone else signed on with Direct buy in Oct 08, I have nothing but regrets. You turn watch HGTV and DYI so you can try to do projects your self (to save money) and Here comes a Direct buy comercial and all you think about is how much you can save. And days after you sign up, you relized you've been hoodwinked.

I am looking for numbers to the attorneys that are filing class action suit.

everyone that had a bad experience should get together and do a commercial to follow theirs. Wounder if it would get played.

IF there was even a way that people could be warned before they stepped foot into a direct buy. So many don't think to do the reserch until they've signed thier money away. And 6k is a lot to throw a way

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  • Al
      Mar 04, 2010

    i've had a directbuy membership for 4 years now, and bought it because i was redoing my kitchen. sure the memberships are a little pricey, but i instantly got my money back and then some from the savings with my kitchen. if you are doing any major costly remodelings to your home its a great value. if you're building a house from the ground up GET A MEMBERSHIP. i still buy things now like my new sony 52" tv which i got for 650 less than bestbuy sold it for.

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  • Tg
      Jun 15, 2011

    I have been a member for a long time. Just went there today and they were gone. No letters saying that they closed was sent to me explaining any of this Just seen the piece of crap paper on the front of the new site they moved to. Good thing I did not renew my membership for this year. The nearest one is 30 minutes drive away and after reading these posts I think I will be cutting my loses and not renewing and they can pound sand in their ###. Not sure if I can file anything to try to recoup any of my previous paid funds but might try looking into it.

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