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I had gone to the Direct Buy showroom with my dad, and was given a 45 minute presentation. Since we both have limited incomes, we hesitated on a commitment to pay a monthly fee for the program. We gave 100.00 and told them we'd see what transpires in 90 days, and at that point we'd either commit, or lose $100.00. What I didn't know, was that, while I was in the bathroom, they had my father sign a contract stating that in a month $5oo.oo dollars can be extracted from his credit card to initiate membership. This wasn't told to me, but when I received materials stating that we were now members, I wrote and asked how they were able to start a membership on $100 and then I was notified that they had my dad's signature on file, authorizing payment. My father didn't realize that he'd agreed to this, and now we've got harassing calls from the company who financed this. Not once had we ever used Direct Buy, and would like our money refunded--all but the 100 we paid. We want our money back, and would like the finance company to stop harassing us. It was a horribly opportunistic move on the elderly (my father) and the disabled (myself).


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      Oct 03, 2009

    I can't believe it! The exact SAME thing happened to us to to the t including the threats from the finaical inst. who asked if we owned our home tnen said they could put a lien on it. It must be in their empoylee manual as your experience is excatly like ours.

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      Sep 01, 2010

    My credit is ruined because of Direct Buy I am a single mom in 2007 I went to a Showroom presentation of Direct Buy at the time I was dealing with a marriage that was falling apart going though a separation. I have 2 kids and I am a full time student and I cant even get a loan for my education. I am paying for my education but I find it very hard to stay afloat. They made it sound so great at the time and I was so uneducated on their sceem. I tried to cancel my contact and I thought I did. But to my surprise I applied for a credit card to help me though school and I was declined, I looked into it and found that they put themselves on my credit report. This is B.S. all my bills are paid in time I have no problems with any other creditors. How do I clear my credit report ? Can someone please help me? email me at [protected]

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