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I have a complaint regarding an incident that recently occurred when I visited my local Dillons store in April 2017. After I ate in their cafeteria area, I still had a sports drink that I purchased at the deli that I did not completely finish drinking. So I put it inside a Dillons bag (with the receipt), then in a shopping cart, and left the cafeteria area to enter the store because I had to use the restroom. It was there that a worker (who I think is a supervisor?) named Amanda sternfully did not move out of the way for me to proceed, stopped me immediately and said that I can't bring shopping carts into that area because it's "high traffic". I don't know why she called it a "high traffic area" because it would be placed in a corner that would not really be blocking anyone or anything and would only be left there for a minute while I went to the restroom. In fact I often see many people put their shopping carts in that same corner when they use the restroom, as well as workers who temporarily place their large rolling carts (that contain cleaning materials or merchandise to unpack and load on the shelves) in that exact area too. So I said "Nevermind. I'll just go to the other women's restroom instead." (Located closer to the Pharmacy section) She followed me all the way over there and then stopped me once again.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Junction City, KSThis time, she practically ran after me and shouted: "Why is the bag going in the bathroom?!" I explained to her that I was taking it in with me so nobody would snatch my drink while I was away, which could possibly happen if I left it in a shopping cart unattended. She demanded to see inside my bag. Once I showed her my receipt from the deli as proof of purchase (with the date & time on it) and that the only thing inside of my bag was a drink that was already half empty, she just glared at me and left without even apologizing. I understand if she was just checking things out but I still think it was very rude of her to suspiciously follow me around the store, presumably accuse me of shoplifting and embarrass me like that in front of so many people, especially TWICE. It was also wrong to not even apologize for any misunderstanding, even after I showed my receipt. I certainly had no intent in doing anything wrong that day. All I wanted to do was go to the restroom after lunch. I live within walking distance of Dillons and frequently shop there. I go to the deli area almost on a daily basis to eat lunch. I was perplexed at this incident because I figured that by now pretty much every employee there should recognize me, appreciate my business, and not display this type of offensive, unprofessional treatment which is borderline harassment. Thank you for listening to my complaint and I sincerely hope any incidents like this won't happen again in the future.

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    I called the store and spoke with a man over the phone who apologized for the incident but I have also made an online complaint to because this really upset me and even made me never want to shop at that particular location ever again.

May 06, 2017
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  • Ha
      Sep 02, 2018
    Dillons - Milk
    United States

    Today is Dec 31, 2017 and I brought some milk. One of the milk is due on Dec 26, 2017. It is five days past the best by date. Why it is still on sale? It is not responsible for customer health and food safety.

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  • St
      Mar 16, 2019
    Dillons - Empoyee checking bags
    6th street
    United States

    Yesterday mid afternoon I was shopping when I went to check out self check out
    I had employee kept looking in my bags I hadn't left the store yet
    I just made me feel uncomfortable

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