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I am writing to express my displeasure on service dealing with DIGITEL DSL. My name is Myla Manriza and we avail the service below under the name of Ms. Frances Joy Zagala last June 05, 2009.
Plan 999
Best Value Enhanced Internet Access up to 512 Kbps

We avail this thru a sales person from digitel offering us the promos for this plan, thru good marketing strategy the sales person inform us how good the DSL SERVICE digitel has and how fast they can give their subscriber and the enjoyment of having a broadband compared on dial-up's. We believed on the good service the digitel can give us since we also used their landline though sometime we have issues as well on the service we received especially when our landline was not accessible, tons of reports should be done first before our landline will be finally restore, customer service on numbers 249-3282 are sometimes fed up because of our everyday calls for them to please check our line and please at least pay us a visit to resolve the issue, but still we were convinced to avail the DSL BROADBAND since they explained that if the landline have problems this would not affect the DSL. True enough this is correct since both lines-landline and DSL were both tested, after a week of installation we had experienced no connection on our DSL and no dial tone on our landline, we reported this since we dealt with both problems for a month but just got a rebate amounting to 241.53 for the report # 0291428 and we got this rebate dated on August 09, 2009 statement date. We frequently had issues on DSL and LAND LINE but since we have no choice since we are tied with the contract stating that if we will file a disconnection for this one we will need to pay a 2month equivalent for this one. We usually experience trouble on our landline and DSL but this time it made me decide to send this request of termination of our DSL contract and to ask your good office to grant us that we should not pay the 2month equivalent for this since we are not receiving the stated GOOD SERVICE on the contract and due to this poor service it resulted to a termination of my JOB which i guess would be a valid reason for me to be not tied up with your contract. I decided to ask this because of the recent problem again that we have and really caused me a lot of trouble- below is the one job i lost due to inconsistency of your DSL SERVICE, you can see below the job i lost due to your service, my employer ended up my contract since i was not able to resume my work, below are the email sent to my employer and my contract and the poor feedback given to me which can affect my work.

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From: Myla Manriza <[protected]>
Date: Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 8:22 AM
Subject: Hi
To: sandro.[protected]

Hi Sir,

My apologies, there are just circumstances that made it not possible for me to work last Saturday, i have tried so many things to finish everything this Saturday but my internet provider was not fixed yet if you could give me another chance ill prove to you that i am worthy for your time and contact, i even shift to another provider to catch up but it just work right now, i am really sorry, i really don't want to waste your time, i hope i can be given another chance please. Again my apologies. and hope to have another chance please.

Thank you so much.


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From: Myla Manriza <[protected]>
Date: Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 11:08 PM
Subject: project
To: sandro.[protected]

hi sir,

Still having trouble with connections im so sorry once this is fixed ill double time working, hoping for your understanding. i just used my cellphone to send this message.


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Data entry specialist
Contract ID#9917436 (view original job posting)ENDED - 08/20/2010 - 08/27/2010
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One of those persons who promise everyting and do nothing after win the contract.

There are 100s of contractors applied for this job, I chose this provider but she wasted two weeks of my time.

Avoid at any cost.

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Would love to work again. Gives enough assistance on team member to learn about the procedures and process that should be done to have an effective work result.

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This incident was really made me decide not to just let this thing pass, we reported this DSL problem night of August 26, 2010 I was given a report # 5705400, as i spoke to the customer service he told me that there was a network maintenance on going which affects the DSL connections, as our conversation went on i asked the customer service if how long this network maintenance will be going and he told me that there were no assurance as the technical team needs to confirm to them if this issue is resolve or not, result is i just need to wait. I then follow up the next day using the same report #-which is 5705400 a customer service representative named Aldrin Palaricio seems so annoyed during our conversation since i am asking if this is a network maintenance, why were the subscribers not informed before hand to avoid inconvenience (which happened to me regarding my job) i think due to this question this CSR of yours was embarrassed and handled the situation rudely, he keep on telling me to just check the DSL and wait and his tone of voice was really rude and annoying. Follow up was made on August 28 but still received the same feedback, a network maintenance still on going, on Sunday August 29 we were given another report# which is 5710974 the reason given to us why they gave us a new report # was the network maintenance was already finished and we already have an isolated case, they kept on asking us to check the lines and wiring in which if you are really a technician you can think that we can just literally see the wirings are okay and properly connected other than that we cannot locate or find any problem but the call then was forwarded to a technical team and do the manual setting after the manual setting was given and resulted to nothing the technical team on the phone told my sister that he will do something like rebooting and asked my sister to wait on the line but the line went on a busy tone, my sister called up again and was advised to monitor for 24 hours since they did something already according to them, but this message was from a customer service representative only and she was not passed on to the technical team again. On August 30 at 245pm someone called up confirming if we already have internet connection and my sister Maricar Rebullado checked the DSL and surprisingly during their conversation internet connection was okay, after the conversation and minutes passed i received a call from my sister to report again the problem since the connection was lost again. Another report # was given to my sister upon reporting again, same day- report # was 5713039. During our conversation with several CSR's they kept on telling that this was still isolated case and maybe there was a problem on our line, our point is if this is something within our line, why is it that there is no one paying a visit to our place to check our internet connection nor receive another call from a technical team to check again, another thing why is it that CSR's are not aware of the STA. ROSA branch that you have, even the contact numbers of Sta. Rosa office. Upon following up last September 2 using the report # 5713039, and still no concrete reason was given why we still do not have internet connection despite of a week follow up's were done on our part, due to displeasure on your service I asked the CSR on how to apply for disconnection and he told me that the subscriber needs to go to the office personally to apply for this and since we are still bounded by the 2yr contract we still have to pay the 2 months worth of the plan we have, I asked the CSR about the Sta. ROSA branch and to my surprise the CSR told me that DIGITEL has no branch at STA. ROSA and he suggested that the nearest branch from where i lived were SAN PABLO and STA. CRUZ which i cannot consider near as i need to travel 3-4 hours to reach those towns, i explained to the CSR that before the i was given a contact number so i can ask the good office of Sta. Rosa about my query since it is still 1-2hrs travel time from our place (San Pedro, Laguna) but still the CSR told me that there was no STA. ROSA branch existing. On September 6 i received a call from a customer service following up our payment for the month, i told her that i was not happy about the service i am getting and told her that why is it if it is the monthly subscription was not being paid CSR's are calling to follow up, why is it when we reported a lost of internet connection SUBSCRIBERS should follow up for this issue to be settled, I am quite rude i know for this instance but i don't see the point of difference at all, if your service is really good then i don't think subscriber will not pay accordingly but since your service is poor, subscribers are thinking if they do deserve to pay that amount, hope you can get my point. Also from this conversation I learned that really the Sta Rosa branch is still up and existing and CSR also gave me the address and contact number of this office. I can tell that some CSR you have are stupid and so inconsiderate telling me to go to San Pablo or Sta Cruz when you still have the Sta Rosa branch, i guess he wanted to make me avoid my plan of applying for disconnection that's is why he gave the farthest places to me as the contact office-how shameful act. Night of September 4, i again follow up and gave the report # 5713039 and this time the CSR i talked to told me that there is a network problem and the technical team gave them a report that this was started at 3pm and will be on going for 3hrs, i asked the CSR why is it until now we still don't have any internet connection it was then past 3 hours since the time i called up is around 7pm or 8pm. He then told me that they already sent the message to the technical team since still they were receiving huge amount of calls regarding the lost of internet connection and no restoration was done after 3 hours, until now September 5, 2010 the last time i checked internet connection at 8am -still no connection was restored.

I was highly disappointed about this service, from the DSL to the customer service and the technical team in which i don't really know as we never really talked to them. The service promise to us upon offering this promos-plan failed to comply on the promises given even on the earliest time we had this see my report number 0291428- this was just a few weeks after the DSL was installed, and since then we were not able to complaint and filed disconnection since you had a great deal of tying up your customers to 2year contract- a bad habit!!!

I would love to stay and wait and see if there will be changes on your services but after my work suffered and i lost money and dignity do you think it is FAIR for me to pay the 2year contract upon disconnection since i have'nt passed the December 09, 2011 contract bind to us?

I am seeking for disconnection of this DSL having the DATA NUMBER [protected] and allowing me not to pay the 2year contract bind to us - termination of this contract immediately -reason, i lost my job due to your poor service and lost my dignity receiving the poor feedback given to me, i gave the proof of it i hope you can give me what should be right for me. I should have earn money on my work and experiences not insults and poor feedback, i trusted your company that i can rely to it but what i gained was an lost of trust of my employer and my JOB, a lost of job is not just a simple thing to work on, how could give this back to me.

Until now we still don't have any internet connections and i don't think even we file for rebates which should not be filed but should be given immediately to your subscriber to at least let them know that your office is sorry about what happened, the rebates that we will get cannot give me back the respect and the trust that i lost from my employer.

I would expect a call or response to this email, again i am requesting for a no pay on this disconnection, trade in as they say on the dignity i lost and so with the money due to the termination of my contract BECAUSE of course the SERVICE of your DSL, i cannot see any lapses on our part as we are keep on tracking the internet connections and upon finding out that it still not functioning we do report again. Issues of network maintenance i observed was the escape goat given to the subscriber especially upon discovering that the technical team still did not know the root cause of the DSL problem. Attention and focused for subscriber's problems are seen not being consider as the major one- believe me as i experienced this thru our everyday calls.

Again, i am asking for free disconnection as this is for the repayment what i have lost due to poor DSL service i got, i hope this consideration can be given to me at least after loosing a very good job i have!!!

And i hope this letter can be a wake up call for all, subscribers should be treated the way they give you the service payment, however doing such no good thing can make the subscribers treat you differently, promises made should not be always broken, i understand that everything could not be perfect everyday but if this thing just been prioritized i may not loose something valuable, i intend not to do this but having 2weeks with no servile again and again is not humane treatment just because we cannot do anything. I really expect of - "we are looking into this now" rather than "please wait!!!"

Again, Atty William Pamintuan, i am seeking your humble heart, please bear with me and give me this request as consolation, i lost my JOB due to the poor service got from the DIGITEL DSL service and the consideration you can just give is to give my request to have this termination of my contract under the name of Frances Joy Zagala with data # [protected] which will still up to December 09, 2011.

I am hoping for your immediate response and approval on this one. I know that i am capable on what i am asking since what i have in return from your DSL was loosing my job and credibility!!!

Sincerely yours,
Myla Manriza

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  • Sh
      Dec 31, 2009
    Digitel DSL - DSL

    Oh my gosh! Araw araw na lang napuputol yung internet while your on the middle of your research! Can the digitel company fix this headaching problem!! Please I'm flaring up! Tapos lalapas yung prolink DSL no signal, yung Prolink DSL log in.! Bago pa magkaroon ulit ng net.

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  • Jo
      May 28, 2012
    Digitel DSL - DSL

    here are the dates of NO INTERNET CONNECTION :
    MAY 13, 15, 18, 22, 25, 26 -2012
    FROM 8pm-8am (the following day) there would be NO INTERNET CONNECTION.
    EVERY date of complaint is represented by 1 ref. number and the hell i don't understand is the PROBLEM of having NO INTERNET CONNECTION. BUT EACH REPORT NUMBER is "isolated or ALREADY RESOLVE". ????????

    I don't know if I WILL STILL ANTICIPATE another night without internet connection...

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