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My hard drive crashed recently, and I have been slowly rebuilding roughly 300GB of information I lost. One of the applications that was lost in this was Nvidia's purevideo. I also lost all of my emails. So I thought I would try nvidia's tech support to try and get it back. Little did I know that they've outsourced to Digital River, a very large download-on-demand company that does business with Microsoft, Nvidia, etc.

Here is what has transpired between us for the last 2 weeks. Start at the bottom and work your way up for the order of events (deleted personal information)

Dear (guy),

Thank you for choosing NVIDIA Store.

We apologize for the confusion about the last email you received. Please
double click on the link below further assistance with the product you

Our contact information has changed. If you require the assistance of
our Customer Support Team representatives, please visit our Customer
Support at:




APAC Region/Australia/New Zealand:

Here, you can request information regarding the following:
- Download a digital order
- Check the shipping status of a physical order
- View and print an invoice
- Questions on installation
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- Subscription issues
- General questions regarding the product

Thank you for contacting the NVIDIA Store.

Rossa M.
Email ID: [protected]

Original Message Follows: ------------------------
Electronic Arts?!?! I sent this about Nvidia's purevideo application
that I downloaded from! How did you come up with
Electronic Arts? Look it up again. I know you've got the information in
your database that I DID purchase and download one of Nvidia's
Purevideo applications. I paid between $20-30 for the application, and I
demand that I get the original download information from that purchase.
If you need a credit card number OR any information corresponding to the
purchase, I'll be happy to oblige. However, sending me an email that you
don't handle customer service for a company that I didn't mention
ANYWHERE in my email is unacceptable.

Either try again, or I will be corresponding with nvidia directly about
this issue.


On Wed Aug 12 17:14, NVIDIA Service sent:

Dear (guy),

Thank you for contacting Digital River.

Unfortunately, we do not handle customer service for Electronic Arts.
Please return to their website for their contact information so you may
inquire about the product.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

Manuel T.
Customer Service
Digital River, Inc.
Email ID: [protected]

Original Message Follows:
A shopper has emailed customer service with a request. The following
reasons were selected for the contact, and the specified email address
was given for contact.

Selected Reasons: DownloadQuestion - LostOrder
Shopper Email: deleted
Shopper Comments: I tried to look up my download of the nvidia DVD
codec, and I couldn't find it. I also tried using my old email address
(deleted) and that doesn't work either. I need help. I
know I purchased the software, but I do not have what I need to
redownload it (My Hard drive crashed, so I lost all my emails, including
the one confirming my order.) If you need the credit card number, I may
still have it (old debit card that's been replaced recently) Please

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