Digi Telecommunicationscustomer service.

Hi, my wife's phone line [protected]) had been terminated. I went to the Digi center in The Garden and made the payment of the outstanding of around RM30++ to get back the line. The customer service staff (malay girl) told me that i just need to wait for 7 to 10 days to get back my service without doing anything else.

After 10 days waiting, i still not getting back the service. This time i went to your SS2 centre, but the staff there told me to go back to The Garden centre. I went back to The Garden centre to ask what is happening to my line which i suppose to get it by now. This time is a chinese guy attending to me, now he told me that they need my wife (the line's holder) to come personally, and again...he promised that i can get the service back IMMEDIATELY after my wife come and register...i'm wondering why didn't your previous staff (malay girl) who attended to me tell me this...?

After few days on 26/1/17, my wife went to the same centre to register as requested, but this time another malay staff names Sharul told my wife that this line cannot be used anymore, and in order to get the line back, we need to wait again for them to check the availabilty of this line, and they cannot promise on whether i can get the line back...WTF.
My wife called me in front of your staff and i talked to your staff and i [censored] him up...later things changed, he gave my wife a new SIM card saying that you will get the service back in few days time.

3 different staffs told ne 3 different stories.

And fyi, until today i still not getting back my line service. And i'm very dissappointed with Digi's service. I'm not sure whether Digi will take any action on my complaint...or may be i should post it on Facebook then only i will get some respond from Digi...

Lousy Digi...


Feb 02, 2017

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