Digi Telecommunications[protected] phone stolen at saudi arabia @ 15/12/2016

The above refers.
My telephone has been stolen while travelling to SA from 15/12/16 to 26/12/16. I went to DIGI Centre at Taman Melaka Raya to lodge a complaint on 27/12/16. I was given a replacement simcard no. [protected] but the card was inactive. Subsequently on 7/1/17 the same office called me and asked me to go to another Digi outlet at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. I went to the office and lodge a complaint to the Customer Service Officer and given the report trail no (469426 X1V9). Since then there was no feedback at all. I make a phone call to Corporate Hotline at [protected] but the answer was rather a funny one. Next stupid response - the above number has been terminated & I have to pay a penalty for the termination. For your information, I have been your customer for number of years yet your staff does not know how to retain your customer. Should this matter can not be resolved, I am going to take the matter to consumer tribunal under Consumer Protection Act. Please assist urgently and ratify ASAP. I could be contacted at [protected].

Jan 17, 2017

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