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DHL / parcel not received - parcel delivered to wrong persons

1 Doha, Qatar

RE: Samuel Rico
Bill way No: [protected]

Dear Sir / Madam

I received an SMS from DHL Qatar 8.33am on August 19, 2018, stating my parcel will be received by the end of the day.

At 9.38am I contacted DHL Qatar (+[protected]) and a male operator answered. I asked about the location of the parcel to which he replied it's with the driver and did not know what time it would be delivered. I asked him to make a note for the driver to call me before delivery as I am waiting at home. I also told the operator to ensure the driver obtains my signature upon delivery to which the operator said: "ok Ill update the system however the signature is already requested".

So as not to inconvenience the driver, I waited at home all day for a phone call and or delivery. Neither happened.

Thinking the driver has a busy day, I patiently waited until at 8.34pm where my patience reached boiling point. I called DHL again and was greeted by a different male operator who informed my parcel and been delivered and received. Much to my horror and disgust, he said it was delivered to a company office named BR…. I do not know what company he is referring to or why it got delivered there as the address on the parcel is quite clear that it's not an office or a company. Even so upon delivery had the driver asked for Samuel Rico by the name he would have been informed there is no such person in this office. Honestly, you don't have to be Einstein!

A very simple task of giving me a call before delivery to help with the location and to obtain my signature that's all I requested but it could not be done. The job was too big and too complicated for your staff. Perhaps its time to let go of the incompetent staff that apply no logic or work ethics. Your customer service and lack of delivery ability has once again been questioned and failed miserably. WOW, how incompetent can a company and their staff be? Mind you, this is not the first time DHL has reneged on their words and provided woeful customer and delivery service. The last parcel I had to pick up myself because the driver failed to pick it up from the warehouse during the morning shift. Instead of receiving it before 12 I picked it up at 6 pm. Obviously, there is a huge problem with the intellect of DHL staff or they simply don't care about their work or customer"s parcels.

To recap one more time, my private parcel, which I paid for and has my name on it, with clear instructions to call me before delivery and to obtain only my signature, currently is in the hands of a stranger who I do not know and who DHL do not know. WOW, amazing stuff!

I strongly suggest you find and deliver my parcel by 9 am today Monday August 20, and offer me a brief explanation of how and why this happened in the view of my clear instructions at 9.38am yesterday to the operator. I also request an apology and need to know what action you will take against the morning operator if he did not make the notes of my conversation and what action will be taken against the driver/delivery person who did not call me as requested and gave my parcel and property to someone who has no right to it?

Failing to receive my parcel and request, I will contact Amazon and inform them of your extremely poor service, I will also inform them of how you failed to follow simple instructions and issued my parcel without my signature to a complete stranger. I will then contact your regional and international complaints departments and the media of your rubbish standards.

Samuel Rico

Aug 19, 2018

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