DHLnegligence and irresponsible act

V Nov 28, 2017

I received an email from DHL representative named Purnama Alam.
I have been using DHL service and never been this disappointed with the service and miscommunication which occur this time.

I send a 2 kg parcel to Barcelona to my client and has paid around IDR 2, 4 million and been informed the parcel has been shipped back to Indonesia because the received does not own the sanitary document but when I confirm to the receiver they actually own the required documents but there is no notification from DHL to them that the goods have arrived and been shipped back without any confirmation from both parties .
I have contacted DHL customer service but to track what actually happen if they have contacted the receiver can they give a name or email confirmation? But DHL could not give any proof.

I ask a favor to ship the goods back because it is part of DHL negligence but I receive response from the customer service that they could not help anything meanwhile worst the parcel shipped back with different AWB number and required me to provide them an import certificate in order to release the package.
I totally do not understand how could this happen.

I am a patron with DHL so far and have never been this frustrated and disappointed with courier like this before.

They DHL representative nor customer service provide any helpful assistance hence they just avoid the duty and responsibilities which is ashamed for such a big and creditable company like DHL.

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