DHL Express / extremely rude and ignorant delivery staff

United Arab Emirates
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This is to advice DHL customers particularly from Abu Dhabi regarding an incredibly ignorant and arrogant DHL delivery staff with serious attitude issues. The name is Riyadh DHL UAE ID No. 12811, surprisingly for someone who seems comfortable scolding and shouting at his customers, he is confident enough to give his name and ID! He must have gotten away with his attitude several times in DHL to be this arrogant!

The issue is not even about delivery service, but question on his basic ethics, respect for other people especially customers, proper working attitude, professionalism, knowledge of the job and pure simple common sense, specifically:

1. Service and Delivery staff/crew must never raise their voice and shout at their customer in phone and in person, , quickly assuming they are stupid because he was given a wrong address, especially if they are the ones at fault ( he did not read the address properly) and not the customer.
2. If their mistake is proven, he must sincerely apologize to the customer, show respect assuring it will not happen again.
3. Never ever dispute and invent lies or imaginary locations just to prove himself correct at all cost, to satisfy his ego.
4. Be respectful to the customer, especially if delivering in their home or office. ( he did his antics in a government office )
5. In any religion, culture or country, never ever shout at a lady ( and a customer too, right in her own premises)
6. As a delivery staff, being professional dictates having basic knowledge on correct Abu Dhabi roads and location and not mere hearesay. Showing inept knowledge of such with his kind of job, clearly makes him unworthy of the job!

Someone who is in touch personally with the customer to deliver services, his actions listed herein is completely unacceptable by any standards.

As a complaint is already filed against this person through appropriate customer service channels, this is hereby addressed to the Human Resources and training Department of DHL UAE, in all its branches in the Emirates.

There is urgent need to check lapses in your hiring system that allowed unworthy individuals with serious attitude problems to get hired in your company. Thank you.

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