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DHL / extortion in mexico!

1 Mexico Review updated:

I mailed two packages from Texas to myself in the Yucatan of Mexico so I wouldn't have to lug them through the airports. The rest is noted below in my travel blog. Now a LOT of people can see my complaint. And DHL (in the US with English) won't even acknowledge me anymore!) (I had tee shirts printed for my coworkers that cost me $140.00 and the other box is my own (used) clothing.)

The following from my blog to readers / friends:

Not so sure I'll endorse DHL anymore. Remember I had told y'all that I had mailed two boxes (totalling 22 lbs) to myself from Texas to the tune of $339.00 US dollars. The boxes got to Merida before my plane did, but I still haven't gotten them! 9 days now. They are holding them hostage for taxes. Now want $490.00 US more! $4900.00 pesos! The US DHL office is now ignoring me too so I haven't gotten resolution. Will probably have them returned to Beaumont but don't know since states won't answer. Will update y'all when there is a solution. Attorney and I have appointment on Tuesday with Immigration - may have him take me to Customs to find out about the country's Code of Conduct because I feel this is extortion.

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  • La
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    You are not alone. On Nov 29th, 2007 I shipped my mom's Christmas present to Mexico. The value of the present is $60 dollars, and I paid $121.54 for the shipping. My package got lost in transit, and when it finally arrived (on Dec 15th), DHL is charging my mother $80 dollars for taxes! When I called customer service, they told me since the value of my present is more than $50 dollars, customs charges taxes which are paid by DHL and DHL wants the money paid back by the receiver. I told them I was NEVER notified of that. I refused to pay and I wanted my package back but... they told me this and I quote: "It can't be returned unless you pay for those have 30 days or we'll destroy it". WHAT?? I asked to speak to a supervisor, who pretty much told me those were the policies of the company and if I didn't like it, too bad.

    My mother now has filed a complaint with a Mexican Bureau of the Consumer. Currently I am contemplatin suing them, because this is a rip off and until now I have found out that DHL does the same thing with customers around the world. I just hope a lawyer and a lawsuit would not become the biggest nightmare of my life.

  • As
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    The inquisitive extortion (phone extortion), we refer mainly to those of: Juridical Office Munoz and Partners (in spanish: “Despacho Jurídico Muñoz y Asociados”). They want to talk with you, without know you during day and night looking for a certain So-and-so of Abraham that neither you nor your family have known all their lives. (They are not vendors of Telemarketing, they are abductors). This is when someone of your own by despair, falls into his trap by answering: "that the person does not live there who are looking for, " the work of the Juridical Office Munoz and Associates is ask a sum of money to not bother you and your family.
    Also they are collaborating with the prisoners, from the Federal District, in Mexico City.
    If you have a caller ID, you NEVER answer them to the following numbers: 4777108099, 477-710-8099, 553-393-8487, 558-000-7772, 558-000-7771, 553-393-8487, 553-303-9658, 558-503-3706. While there may be other numbers (private or public).
    Also this “company” proceeds of money laundering of drug trafficking and called connections are located in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. They also have offices in Mexico (Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City) and in the U.S (in Texas). They hide behind a noble profession as lawyers to conduct their illicit proceeds.
    Do not stop these nauseating ghosts, we are many, we are more than them. Do not rest until justice is done against them. The reason is on our side. Now, they are looked by the F.B.I.


    "I feel so patriotic of all America, any country in Latin America, as more and, when necessary, would be willing to surrender my life for the liberation of any of the American countries, without asking anything to anyone, Without demanding anything, without exploiting anyone. "
    copyright, CNAS, 2008.

  • Bl
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I shipped a package to my boyfriend from New Jersey to Merida, Mexico on August 9th, 2010. I paid $160 and I asked to the employee if the receiver would have to pay something and He told me, not. So my boyfriend supposed to receive the package on Agust 12th, 2010 but, one day before, DHL of Mexico called him and He was told that He had to pay $100 for customs taxes and if he didn't make up his mind at that moment, for every day that the package stay at customs services, He would have to pay $30 more added up to the $100. So, crazy. I'm so pissed off and I don't know what to do. I asked them for a return and I was told that, first I would have to pay the taxes plus the shipment from Mexico to the USA.
    I think, DHL should let us know about the taxes that the person has to pay in order to get the package.
    If I had known about this ahead, I had not shipped anything.
    DHL, pretty bad service. I won't never use it again.

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