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DHL / staff mistakes, system related failures & bad customer service

1 Latvia Review updated:

I have previously posted a complaint for DHL Latvia. It is now somewhat resolved, I believe in their opinion; but, I am extremely disappointed in their response. They did admit that there were some manual, system and online shortcomings in their Latvia office. But they completely failed to address the bad attitude and poor communication skills displayed during the resolution of the problem. It appears that simply refunding my money was good enough for them. Here is a summary of my final response to a representative of their management in Germany. A lot of people including myself have issues with DHL's lack of customer service. Simply perform a Google search and read the many posts.

If you believe we are being unfair to DHL, try searching for complaints against FED EX and I believe you will find many fewer complaints as compared with DHL. It was refreshing to receive DHL Latvia's Mr. Nordberg message admitting that there were some shortcomings in the manual and online system processes in Latvia... But, the attached letter from your associate Ms Signe Spandega, appears to completely ignore and does not address any of the human issues and bad attitude displayed by the Latvian DHL and the greater DHL staff.

Perhaps her not addressing these issues is an oversight? I can only assume and hope that she will send me a second letter on these issues. Lack of accepting responsibility for the bad attitude displayed by DHL, reinforces in my mind that DHL basically has no concern over a client's feeling and interests. Also, the issue with the customer care person in Brussels was not discussed. There is an old saying " where there is smoke, there may be a fire underneath"...

I believe all these complaints are an indication of a more serious problem and it would be a shame for DHL shareholders to ignore them! I point out several websites with information about listening to the customer and how valuable the information might be:

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to spend the day with the Chairman of the Board of a major USA Computer company. He shared with me his personal experiences with the importance of listening and speaking frankly with the customer. Some of this thoughts with you as well:

In my opinion, DHL has an opportunity to make a valued improvement in it's customer service and image. I trust you will not let this opportunity slip you by. With adverting costs so very high these days, the loss of a single client is worth a lot of money, won't you agree?

Regretfully now a lost client,

Mike Johnson, General Manager,
Patricia Tourist Office, Riga Latvia
...your friend in the Baltics!

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  • Mi
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    This is a follow up on my last post. DHL did provide me with a letter stating that they would not charge for their missed delivery on 14 June. Guess what I received in the mail yesterday 28 June?

    You got it an Invoice for the return shipment of the package! I am finding more and more complaints about DHL as I search. They must be having some serious internal problems. They simply ignore all my requests for corrective action.

    My suggestion is to exercise your right of choosing your freight carrier. Guess who I will not chose for my future shipments.

    It's your choice now.

  • Ni
      9th of Jul, 2007
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    More on DHL (happened today): Sometimes it is only a matter of an employee's willingness to preserve his/her company's good (?) name. In my case, the guy came for delivery at my place and after we opened the door... he disappeared (in less than 2 minutes!) leaving a message claiming we had not been in when he came. What could make a bad service worse? He left a telephone number for me to call him back and arrange the delivery on a future date. BUT THE NUMBER HE LEFT WAS WRONG and it corresponded to a local electric equipment company who said they were fed up telling people they were not delivering ANYTHING. It seems the guy gave the same wrong number to other people. I found the correct number after trying a few permutations (you don't need to be a statistician to see how difficult and costly this can be). And finally I got to speak to someone from DHL who was really kind, helpful and efficient. Thus, my problem seems to be solved now but the guy remained untouchable in all senses. Is it only a personal problem or is it the company which does not care for past, present and future bad practices of their personnel? I think it's both. But a more direct way of complaining would have made my life and that of other clients easier (not to mention the electric equipment company responding to all those wrong messages).

  • Jo
      10th of Oct, 2007
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    I am living in Central London, 1 minute from the Liverpool underground. I was expecting an important document. I did not receive the package in the agreed day and then I saw in tracking system the package was waiting to be picked up (far , far away from my place). I called customer services and they told me they will deliver it to the right address the next day. I waited and nothing came, I called 5 times five different people in the next four days, they gave me an e-mail address where I could e-mail them and notify them to redirect the package but they never replied. I received all the kind of responses from the telephone customer service, "we do not deliver to Central London" You need to come to pick it up", " we will notify the right people and you will receive it", "you will receive it tomorrow " etc.
    Hopeless and I had to take two hours from my job and I went to pick it up since the document was quite important for me (after 1 week of nightmare).
    DHL is a bad company, I know that customer service is not fun and it is is full of school dropouts that do not like what they are doing.
    Are the customers guilty?
    I lived in USA for eight years, nothing bad happened in the past to me in terms or sending stuff abroad, I strongly recommend to go for UPS or Fed EX, American companies always offer good service and they are more responsible. Unfortunately the person who sent me the package chose DHL. "We do not deliver to Central London" that sounds funny and ###ed at the same time, unbelievable!

  • Ar
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    In the past 3 months, DHL has lost three packages in a row that were sent to me. The first two were a purchase I made through ebay. After they lost the first package, I contacted the seller who readily sent a replacement. The second shipment also disappeared at the same place, the Tampa, Fl DHL facility. Multiple phone calls later, I gave up. DHL was unhelpful. The packages were simply lost and they said there was nothing they could do. Fast forward. I buy a computer from Dell and the /exact/ same thing happens. I call Saturday and they tell me for some reason the package arrived in Tampa (which should have been its final destination before being sent directly to me) and was then for some reason sent to St. Pete. They couldn't explain why and told me to call back Monday.

    I call back Monday and they change their story. The package arrived at Tampa on the 6th (4 days ago)and from there they say they have no more data, and the package is lost. Well even my tracking page shows the package /left Tampa/ on the 6th (same day it arrived there) so they're flat out not being honest.

    So they say they will look for the package but at this point I don't trust them. They have lied to me, and I suspect someone is stealing packages and changing data in their system. DHL is an incompetent, untrustworthy company and I will never make a purchase with a company who uses DHL again.

  • Ja
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    I had such a nightmare dealing with DHL when I called them to ship out a bunch of house hold stuff. I specifically told them that I would like to ship it via ground since it is not important when the packages get there as long as it arrive. It took four drivers to come by my place to pickup the packages before the fourth guy pick it up and cost me a whole day of waiting. But that was not the worse of it when low and behold my packages were shipped via 2 days air and the bill was outrages since I've requested ground shipping. I've tried to resolve the issue with DHL and have spoke with numerous DHL rep about the issue but no one at DHL is doing anything to try and resolve it. I refused to pay for the 2 days air shipment and have told them that I will only pay for ground shipping charges since it is not my fault that they have such bad customer services. They did not do anything about my complaint and are now threaten to put my bill on collection services. My advise to comsumer out there is to be very careful using DHL because it could turn into a nightmare. I've learn my lesson and will use UPS or FEDEX since I have no problem with them.

  • Gm
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    I have to agree with the previous posts. I have had two shipping problems with DHL that involved sensitive clinical samples that will spoil after a specific period. So much for "next day 10:30 am" guarantees. I have always believed people deserve second chances, but some chances cannot and probably shouldn't be afforded (i.e. risking your only item to be lost by a poorly managed company). DHL blew their second chance with us.

  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    We had a shipment that was insured, and damaged in transit. The rude tracking consultant told me that i told her to cancel the claim.... Thank goodness for their calls being recorded. They close the case and dont even inform US. At least this shipment got delivered i guess.... even though it was broken (had been bashed and dropped - it was a projector). We waited over three weeks for it to then be delivered to the customer once we paid for repairs.... This was an urgent shipment, that took all in all, over a month to deliver....

    In what company does an employee tell an unhappy customer "you are refusing to listen to me, then i cant help you" !!!!


  • Na
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    Dear Sir,
    Voacher # 3143803132 was dispatched on 14th April from Saudi Arabia, Jubail and today 16th April but this package is yet not received.

  • Ti
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    I was expecting a package this week which was usually sent by UPS by this company I always order stuff from. Days went by, so I kept checking the tracking number and finally it said 'address information needed, contact DHL'. So I called and they said they couldn't find my house. Couldn't find my house?? UPS and FEDEX sure have no problem. So a package I needed for the weekend since I was going away was not delivered on time, and after a few phone calls, they said I could pick it up at the facility, which was an hour and a half away. I hate DHL, never use them.

  • Da
      12th of Oct, 2008
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    DHL is rubbish. THe collection driver mixed the stickers for 2 seperate packages I sent at the same time (i think on purpose, tall black guy in london covering harrow area should get fired). One was to Italy and the other portugal. The Italy one was delivered to Portugal??? when the address was clearly written in huge writing across the box. Getting things fixed wasn't easy. Getting a refund will be harder.

    Always check the barcodes match when sending more than 1 package.

  • Ab
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I did face three problems with DHL Saudi Arabia, in the three cases they lost valuable boxes of my shipments within a year and half. They do not take any responsilities at all, they know that there people has stolen the boxes but they deny this. Customer service staff and their manager in SA Mr. Mohammed Yousuf are very far from customer service. Where would the shipment boxes go, I believe they will always be under DHL people eyes; so they steal them.

    In such case; DHL ask you: Is this shipment insured? Then you'll answer: No. DHL replies: Do to hell, nothing we will do for you.

    I need an e-mail address of any manager in US head Office, Saudi arbia DHL's have a tunnel in their brains between the ears. Your complian enters from right ears and leave from the lift one. They ignore you.
    Abdel-Hadi hammoudeh

  • De
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    HI, I want to complain about the way DHL management have been dealing to me since they have took over. I start working with Heal's & Son long before dhl took over. Just to get rid of all the Heal's staff, the new management have given so much troubles to some of your staff that they either left or had been sacked.They even tried with me.They DP me for nothing, Accident can happen, no one do accident purposely. Nothing was damaged, only a bit of packaging was torn, and even that suff are sold by now.I remember I even showed it to Mr. Simon James, that they want to get rid of me because of the incident.They DP me, and this made me depressed. I went to my GP and got a week of sick leave.The new dhl management did this to me because I am not black the way Karen is. She just protect her people. She was a receptionist with Heal's.
    Once they put a notice on the notice board that whoever want to be trained as a first aider to give their names.I did gave my name, Karen promised to send me for the course, but when I went home after work, she called me that she is sorry I am not selected this time.Perhaps next time. Do you know what she did?Instead she sent another staff who is from Nigeria. According to the law, this is discrimination. How come a manager protects only one kind of staff and neglect others?She boycot others from getting promoted by giving chance to her people. I am telling you she just protect Nigerians and Jamaicans. I am working there much more longer than many, am still a picker. Just to get rid of me for nothing thet gave me too much problems. I AM THE BEST PICKER HEAL'S AND DHL EVER HAD. they made false accusation on me that I have mis picked something and Karen asked me to accept it. I refused to accept it, I told Karen, why not ask the store which item they received and the amount. They did asked GFD to send them a list; Karen was surprised because there were no mistake from my part. It was P I mistake.
    Nearly a month ago Karen has promoted a staff by making her E-COM assistant and Non Furniture Team leader ( Lorna). Just to show that She is doing her role well, 2 weeks ago she told the managent that I am picking wrong stuff for the stores which is not true.Lorna and a certain Henry nearly threatened me, at all cost they wanted me to remove all the stuff one by one from my cage and check for a certain product. At first I refused, then I took more than 2 hours to do it. There were no mistake from my cage. Samuel had been sent by them to assiste me. He saw that there were no mistake.
    I am writing to you, even though you dont care for all these, but I do. i am so frustrated and depressed that I want to contact "Employment Tribunal" for the treatment I am receiving with Heal's / Dhl
    Moreover, it was on the 4th of November that Lorna gave me a letter telling me that she is giving me a " written Warning " and that has been put to my files. This is due to, because I have not given her a copy of MDL. I told her that it stayed in my trouser's pocket and it has been put in the washing machine.She dont care because according to me she want to show the management how important she is.Am sure I am clever than she is BUT UNFORTUNATELY AM NOT BLACK OR WHITE, I AM MIXED, I AM INDIAN, so I wont ever be promoted. Is it not ridiculous?
    I used to write those MDL, only for 2 weeks they did not received it and they disciplined me.Was that a crime? They think by disciplining me they are progressing. No way, instead by giving me pressure and stress the picks has been decreased. DHL PROMOTE WRONG PERSON TO WRONG JOB.
    I challenge DHL that no one has ever picked the way I pick, either on the N ailes or upstairs.
    Another staff never does the MDL, but are not punished, WHY? This is discrimination.
    Nearly six month ago, Paul Gorman asked us to write the MDL. He explained us that when we open a box of six items and pick only 1-5 to write it down, so that they will let Heal's know how long we take to pick loose items. He also promised that when Heal's will be aware of how much time is spent, then instead of ordering loose items they will order the whole pack or they will pay for more pickers.We as pickers we dont see any progress by writing these MDL' S.
    I dont believe that there is someone competent who knows spreadsheet to do the MDL themselves, rather than giving burdens to the pickers. Six month has passed, pickers has never been asked to stop writing it.
    Do you think MDL AFFECTS THE OUTPUTS AND GENERAL PRODUCTIVITY? What I can suggest it that the pressure wrong management gives its staff is what affects the outputs and the productivity. Rather than giving incentives to staffs inorder to increase the picks, they give stress. Do you think they will progress? Never !
    Heal's attempts to make big profit through dhl? But this team of dhl running our warehouse are fake. From managers to supervisors no one has got any experinces. I have a lot more to write, will write you more next time. I am a dad of two, have something more important to do. Thank you for reading this true story.
    I had heard lot about DHL good job worldwide. It can be possible else, but not at my working place. they are also dhl management team but fake ones, un experienced people

  • Ja
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    Hello everyone, I work for UPS and were pushing to obtain new business whether it's due to the DHL domestic closure or you want to explore new shipping options for whatever reason. As I'm sure everyone knows DHL as of November 17, 2008 is no longer holding a guarantee on your shipped package. Also, they will completely stop their services (Air and Ground) in the United States, effective January 1, 2009. If anyone is interested in having a UPS sales representative contact them, send me your Business name, contact name and phone number. Thanks, James Wright

  • Ha
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    I am writing in regaruds to a parcel i have sent to the USA.i was told that it should get their for thursday now that i rang to check where it has got too they are telling me they are have problems in finding the address i also gave the contact number for the person i sent it out to which they could call as before when i went i was told that the address is for the UK when it got sent out and dhl could not find the address so it got sent back to me and i had re-send it again and we are still having problems in getting it their when its a big company that many people send parcel to. its costting me double but the main thing was to get to them on time and i was told it will get their as i will get charged a late fee if they recive it late. i did not think i would be let down by a big company as your selfs.

    my parcel number is :3780873143

    this is the address we are sending it to: Jim Dingwell
    PPA Print Exhibition,
    5100 North 27st Street, suite A2-391,
    Lincoln, NE

    my contact details is: Mr H Pandya
    51 stanhope street,
    LE5 5EW.

    Thank You.

  • Ab
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    Guess now DHL has removed the complaint section from its website so that you cannot even complain hahahahahaa

  • Ri
      5th of Jul, 2010
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    hello any responsible person for DHL,
    I am doing a lots of business with DHL but i think i have to quite business with them because the attitute for the pepoles who working for DHL my business document arrived in Nicaragua on friday 2nd of july. i have spoke with them but they have, nt deliver my courier and i been my self to DHL office thoday 5th of july to picked up my courier.
    I have spend almost 1 hour to get my courier and the service which i get is [censor].

    If there is any nicce and responsile person in DHL kindly take a action against this person
    These kind of peoples who is working for DHL these peoples are bad example for DHL kindly take the action.

  • Al
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    DHL is a [censor]. have a look below what happened whith me, i had to take then to court, . I'm still wating to see then in front of the juds.


    Subject: Ref. 1585250575
    Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 16:19:38 0000

    Hi DHL, today i have been informed by your head office in Brazil that my packed will be destroyed for the reason of missing documents that the incopetent DHL office here here in Paris did'nt informed me about. And once again they told me that i should be informed by your office here in France that Brazil has some restrictions for some kind of produts like any other country. The destinataire in Brazil was in holliday and did not have time to provide it, However was'nt hes fault. The cost of it was a lot of estrees and my dental protese in the value of 3.300 euros.
    What about now? What will be your scuse? Was my fault to trust in your company?

    Doc. number 158 5250 575

    Marcelino Alves


    Dear Sir,

    I just explain again the situation to our relationship dept.

    They said that if you wants refund for the content you had to provide proof of content value ( invoice).

    Please send the invoice with claim to, they will work on your file and revert you soon.

    Kind regards

    /name removed/

    After-sales Adviser
    DHL Express International

  • Al
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    I've sent to them all the invoices, , Than they never called me back, I had to take them to the court

  • Co
      11th of Nov, 2010
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  • Vi
      1st of Feb, 2011
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    I think DHL should close down their business, Of course they won't do thatn so all the customers should jointly sue them so that the unsuspecting customers won't fall prey to their lousy service. My experience goes as follows
    I was in Mumbai (India) and I needed some document to be sent from Singapore to Mumbai. I requested a friend of mine to send it over by courier to me as I needed the same for my daughter's admission to university in India. My friend personally delivered the same at designated outlet of DHL in Singapore and sent me the airway bill number. Since it was critical I started to follow up. Since the airway bill number could not be found on the website I called the DHL Hotline. They claimed the number is incorrect. I confirmed with my friend in Singapore that the number is correct. I informed DHL hotline that the number is correct and also provided with details of where it was delivered. DHL insisted that the number is incorrect. I kept on calling DHL hotline in Mumbai as well as Singapore. 4 days later the same airway bill number appeared on the website. Despite all my followup and informing DHL abou the criticality they could not deliver the doc in 5 days. Most of the courier services like fedex deliver within 24 to maximum of 48 hours from Singapore to mumbai.
    DHL sent our an email to me explaining the reasons (holidays etc..) why my parcel did not leave Singapore for 5 days(31-Dec till 04-Jan). DHL refused to admit that there is any lapse on their part. I think DHL does not deserve to be in business.

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