Dental Worksunethical behaviour

B Sep 18, 2017

We went in for a cleaning, oh we can take care of these other dental problems you have. We can't pay for that. Oh you have wonderful insurance you only pay this much. Thank you, this is wonderful news. Lets do the work. Works done, happy. Whoops hold that happy, its a little more then we thought, you owe us this much. But you said it was covered? Well just a little misunderstanding we will take care of it. Happy... Not so fast... Bill doubles... How come, well their was a waiting period before you where covered.. You said we were covered, well these things happen you know.. How about you just give us half of the bill... But you already doubled it.. The first bill was wrong how is this fair... Well we are just going to ruin your credit, have a nice day... Well these things happen

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