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Dell Laptop 1545 P7450 / lousy customer service

1 United States

My compliant starts on Monday February 1 2010 when I was notified by Dell that the new laptop I ordered was approved for Financing. And I would Receive the Computer in a maximum of 14 days. I then received an email stating March 19 2010 was my expected delivery date. when I phoned to inquire about the change in dates that is when the NIGHTMARE STARTED & I DO MEAN NIGHTMARE First before you get to talk to anyone you must repeat you order number and personal information approximately 3 times before speaking with an agent. this whole process takes about 25 minutes before you get to talk to a agent. The when I phoned to inquire as to why the mouse and carry case came separate and ask questions about my financing. I was put through the whole routine yet again. When I asked to speak to a supervisor about my unhappiness with the Lack of customer service. I was told rather abruptly to call back and ask for a supervisor as that was the only way I was going to get one.When I did as ordered I was again put through to an agent after repeating my order number and personal info yet again.finally I was told a supervisor was not available and one would call me back with in a hour. What clock does DELL have because after a two hour wait I had to Call them back as no supervisor had called me back. When I called back I yet again I had to repeat all the info as before. Like I have nothing better to do with my time then spend a day on the phone with them. Well today February 12 2010 I phoned Dell Re an Inquiry about my order. Same Routine Order Number and personal Info. This Time it gets worse I called the phone number provide by Dell Canada Gave all the usual info. And was told I wasn't who I said I was as this order was delivered in 1999. and if I was who I said I was I would know that. I again gave the guy the info right from the email from DELL and again was told Rudely That I was a phony. After trying to explain to this guy who absolutely refused to be quite long enough for me to say much of anything but listen to him chastise me as if I was some stupid kid. I was told I was Talking to The USA office & should be Talking to the Canadian Offices. I tired to ask why I was put through to the States when I called a Canadian Number and i was hung up on. Yet again I had to phone DELL CANADA and wait for 20 some minutes and give the info required yet again and again before talking to yet another inept customer care agent (Or Lack Of Care) Only to be talked to in a manner I wouldn't talk to my Worst enemy in. I then told them to cancel the computer which I was told would happen. immediately However excuse me for not trusting what they said would happen as they said it would . But I went on line to DELL Canada's site logged in to my account and found my order is still in production.What part of cancel do these people not understand. It stumps me as to why this Company is still business as they have no idea how to treat their customers and I really Honestly think They don't Care at all well there ya have it My very unpleasant experience with Dell Computers. BUYER BE WARE SEE DELL RUN FAST IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.


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