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Dell Financial Services (Dfs) / I will never do business with dfs or dell again!

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Dell Financial Services (DFS) repeatedly and falsely accused me of failing to return a leased printer at the end of a business lease. Not only had I returned every piece of leased equipment by the deadline, but I had paid DFS more than $150(!) to come to my home office to pick up and ship my leased laptop and peripherals (including the printer in question), hoping this would ensure proper handling of the equipment and make the end of the lease go smoothly.

DFS should have arrived at my home office with a complete list of items to be returned, and they should have checked their list against what they picked up on March 15, 2007. They neglected to follow these simple and common-sense procedures, and in their unpreparedness and lack of attention to detail, they failed to properly account for the printer that they loaded onto their very own truck that day.

Although the situation has apparently finally been resolved in my favor, the entire fiasco – which resulted in DFS’s collections department hounding me with phone calls, something I've never experienced before and hope to never experience again – has left me with extremely low regard for DFS and Dell. (The collections department even called me on Memorial Day, a national holiday!) Despite my longtime (about 10 years) status as a Dell customer in good standing, DFS took it upon themselves to assume, before doing a thorough check of their records regarding their own handling of the return of my equipment, that I was intentionally violating my lease agreement. They treated me in an insulting, undignified and unfair manner.

I will never do business with DFS or Dell again, and neither, I believe, will any of the friends, family members, clients, and business associates with whom I will share this horror story.

Jeff Hirst

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  • Do
      20th of Jul, 2008
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    They suck. I have had 5 call today on Sunday from Dell Financial about a computer I finished paying for when I refinanced my mortgage. I had to pay them off ( 1500) as part of the deal. After 2 years they're saying they have no record of it and they want me to send them proof. I said I would but I want $ 175 per hour to do it because that's what I bill out for to my customers as a Accounting Software vendor. They said they couldn't so I told the to GFT.

  • Li
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I just posted a comment about a problem I am having with DFS also. I also had problems with payments. Service is horrendous. I also asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that my concerns were not "deemed necessary" to bother a supervisor.

    At the time, I was complaing about being charged a fee each time I made a telephone payment. I was never told. If I had been aware, you can bet I would not waste $10 each time I made the payment. I would have made checks out in advance and left them with someone to mail in case we were in hospital when payment came due. They added each $10 fee to the lease and charged interest on it.

    I really do not think there are "supervisors" per se. It seems that many of these calls are from a 201 area code (New Jersey) and that they might be calling from their homes. I know I might be wrong, but am not thinking kindly of DFS and assume the worst. Sort of a cottage industry from another country. I also believe they often use fictitious names. (I just cannot imagine there are that many people with Irish or Anglican names but middle eastern accents.)

    My current problem is a lease buy-out issue. I made my buyout payment last February and did not hear from DFS until this September. I was told I was late on my payment. I was a little confused and said I did not owe any payments. I learned, after many repeated questions that my buy-out payment was applied to an extended lease because, they claim, it was also late.

    I mailed a check in February but it was not cleared until mid March. I found this interesting since DFS usually calls just minutes/hours after a payment is due . . . but took a month to apply this payment? Unfortuntately, I did not follow through on it, assuming it was finished and I could forget about DFS.

    I did complain to BBB but was in hospital and unable to respond until after the alloted time. I am waiting for BBB to respond to my request for an extension. I was going to refuse the settlement offered by DFS as it was not fair.

    I receive and average of 3-4 phone calls daily but they rarely leave messages and they even call late at night.

    I am tired (exhausted) with this. I have called every number I can find . . . even left messages with sales about wanting to buy another computer (which was true at one point) They have NEVER returned my call. I have gone beyong being patient to being rude and indignant. This is not my nature and I resent being put in this position.

    If anyone knows of a class action suit, I would love to jump on that wagon.

  • Dh
      1st of May, 2009
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    DFS is just a terrible company to do business with. Our first problem began when they started a calling twice a day demanding an immediate telephone payment for one of our server leases. They claimed they had not received the check. I pointed out the check had been mailed to the Illinois center several days prior to the due date and they should have it. They asked me to prove that. I found the check posted in our bank account as having been paid the next day. When DFS called again I pointed out the check was posted and the funds had been deducted from our account. They demanded a copy of the check with the posting date stamps as proof. I could not comply as it was before scanned copies of checks were available from our bank. DFS continued to make daily calls demanding payment and added a late charge to our next invoice. When we received the check at the end of the month I found it had cleared our bank on the due date of the payment. It therefore must have cleared their bank prior to its due date. My complaints to their call center were meant with various excuses. Such as “I do not have the authority to delete a late charge” “You must talk to the credit department to repair your credit. I don’t have a number for them. I cannot transfer you as all the lines to the US are out” “The credit department never removes a late charge for any reason” This went on for quite a while. We finally paid the unwarranted late charge two years later at the end of the lease. The lesson learned? Don’t ever use DFS..Buy HP or IBM

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