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I made an internet request for a personal computer to be built for me in December 2007, I also opened up a line of credit due to the great promotion of a year to pay without interest. The order was placed the 5th of December and after waiting 2 weeks I attempted to track what happened to my computer. After much going back and forth, they said they would send out another but by then I was not happy with how I was being treated as a future customer.

I called them back to cancel but was told it was already sent out.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Carol Stream, IL They then told me to accept it and send it back, I knew I was not going to do this so when DHL showed up at my door over a week later I refused the package. Approximately a month later I received a bill for the computer, I write and I phone and they are telling me they do not have the computer. I tell them that is not my problem for I did not accept the computer.

I never received anything in regards to my dispute in writing after writing them. Not until speaking with representatives do I hear about the computer being missing. Which is not my problem.

Now I have debt collectors calling me at work and on my cell regarding this fathom debt. They will not listen, Dell will not listen, What can I do??? It is showing on my credit report and it is just not fair!!!

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      Dec 09, 2008

    I am being charged an outrageous interest rate of 30% apr. When I signed up for the "Dell prefered account" the ripp-off interest rate was never disclosed. I have request a lower interest rate from DFS and was told by their reps that my interest rate would be reduced down to a normal rate. But as usual DFS reps lie through their teeth and I am still being RAPED by DFS and their outrageously high interest rate (no matter how good a customer I am or have been for the past four years!)

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      Jan 08, 2009

    I recently purchased two items from Dell online, a DLP projector and a XPS laptop. The purchases were made separately, but both appeared at the same time on my Dell bill that was mailed to me. The laptop had a no interest for 12 months promotion, whereas I'd would not have to pay interest at all if I paid it off completely before the promotional expiration date. A minimum monthly payment still would apply for the laptop. The projector had no such promotion and would require immediate payment in full to avoid a finance charge.

    My plan was to pay the full balance that was due on the projector and to pay the minimum required payment towards the laptop. My worry was that they'd credit the payment towards the laptop first, then what was leftover towards the projector. After reading a note under the Finance Charge Summary section of the bill, I was sure all would go fine. It stated' PAYMENTS ARE APPLIED FIRST TO MINIMUM REQUIRED PAYMENTS WITH EXCESS TO CREDIT PLANS IN ORDER OF PROMOTION EXPIRATION DATE.

    There actually is a column that lists the Promotional Expiration Dates of the different plan types. The projector (REGULAR LOAN) was not a promotion and it did not have an entry in the PED column. The laptop had a date approximately 12 months out. In my logical-thinking mind, I assumed that after both minimum payments were credited, the rest of my payment would go towards the projector and it would be fully paid for.

    I scheduled an electronic payment and it was credited to my account. Unfortunately, my worst fears were realized, the excess payment was credited to the laptop, THE ACCOUNT WITH 12 MOS NO INT. Needless to say, I was fuming. I immediately got on the phone to India to straighten it out. I was assured that it would be resolved and my payment re-credited to the correct plans.

    What really upsets me is how incompetent companies can be. Do they pull these kind of stunts on purpose? I'm starting to think so. With the order in which they credited the plans on this last bill, I would've had to COMPLETELY PAY OFF BOTH PLANS to avoid a finance charge. So much for 12 MONTHS NO INTEREST.

    Don't assume they're not ripping you off.

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      Sep 22, 2009

    Dell Financial Services make their profit through bait and switch schemes.
    While DFS was auto debiting my checking account at $100.00 a month they were at the same time charging a $35.50 late fee! The executives in cooperation with Dell have no morals. They have already lost millions in class action law suites. Which only makes a small dent in the huge profits they make with their schemes to rob people of their money. Jesse James was more honest than Dell and DFS, at least Jesse wore a mask and you knew what was coming. What is sad, is that no one will ever do anything about these people. It will continue because there are too many people willing to just pay up and move on. I caught them before they actually received any money from me. I paid off the principal and they have been bawling ever since for their con money, but they will never get it. Keep the calls coming Dell, that's what I live for. Each time the phone rings that cost them another dime somewhere. Ok, sorry, I'll snap out of it. Dell sucks.

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      Sep 22, 2009

    They'll do absolutely anything to make a buck or save a buck. They hired, for security at their plants, the same company that was in charge of airline screening where the 9/11 hijackers got on their flights.

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      Sep 23, 2009

    I too am being raped by Dell. They are rude and unhelpful as well. I have 3 other CCs that actually LOWERED my interest rate by at least 10% and one of those was AmEx which we all know is the devil of CCs. So if AmEx can lower my APR by God Dell should be able to. I want to just stop paying them and let them screw themselves although I would lose huge as far as my credit goes. Ugh. My balance actually has increased over the past 2 months even with payments made on time. I'mnot sure what is going on but no one seems to be able to help me or care.

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      Dec 19, 2009

    I am soooo happy I came across this posting! My initial goal was to pay off the promotional amount to avoid the interest. DUH!! After reading this posting, I realize that it makes much more sense for the larger payment to apply to the non-promo item. I reviewed my statements and from May until now (Dec 09) the balance on my non promo item has decreased by a whopping $36! The minimum payment is about $19 for both items now. I will be callling them to straighten this out and re-apply correctly - Thanks again for the insight!!!

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      May 07, 2013

    Dell refuses to remove derogatory information from my credit report, even after my paycheck was garnished for $800 per month for four months and paid in full (via judgment) on April 27, 2012.

    All three credit reporting agencies show an unpaid balance of $2713 owed to Dell, which they incorrectly reported as a charge off that was written off. For example, the Experian report reads, Status: Account charged off. $2, 713 written off.

    This is not an outstanding debt! I paid Dell back every penny owed, via garnishment, plus attorney fees, and they refuse to honor my repeated requested to remove this damaging information from my credit reports.

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      May 16, 2013

    I don't think they are required to totally remove since the event took place. However, all parties are required to report accurate info. So google how to dispute and start the process. Get further help at

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      May 16, 2013

    Sorry I missed some info. here. So you never accepted the computer package, you were sued and garnished? I think you need to to talk to a consumer attorney. Many will take cases on contingency basis. go to

    "Now I have debt collectors calling me at work and on my cell regarding this fathom debt. They will not listen, Dell will not listen, What can I do??? It is showing on my credit report and it is just not fair!!!"

    Post this question at fo further help with your credit report.

    Regarding calls very easy to stop collector calls cold turkey. You just write a nice letter called Cease and Desist. Instruct them not to call you as all calls to you at any location are "Inconvenient" Make sure you include that word. Also instruct them not to call your relatives and friends in an attempt to locate you as they already have your correct contact address. Then finally instruct them to communicate with you via mail only. These are your rights under FDCPA.

    Send the letter via CMRRR and keep the green card.

    If they call you again that's a violation of FDCPA and you are entitled to compensation upto $1000. So be ready to collect evidence - photograph caller ID, record call, ask question who's calling from where, why, etc then note down all that info. as evidence. You can then get an attorney or sue their pants off pro se. get help here

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      May 16, 2013

    My point is Dell (DFS) reported inaccurate information. A charge-off means the balance was written off and never recovered. This is not the case. They got their money.

    05/16/2013 - Dell rebutted my complaint to the Better Business Bureau with false information regarding payments. I responded by rejecting their response and included several pages of documentation refuting their claims.

    Stay tuned...

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