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Dell Financial Services / bad service

1 United States
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I have had Dells for over 10 years, and have bought one an average of one a year. I decided to buy the Dell Studio 1535 laptop which was the new stylish line, I didn't want the XPS laptops because they hadn't updated for a while. That's when my problems started. I received the laptop only to notice there is a design flaw with the USB Ports. The left side of the laptop is not identical; one of the ports middle pieces is shorter so you have to force the usb drive in. The computer wouldn't correctly start up when put to sleep. So I called Dell Tech support and he said you can fix it or return it since it's so new. I said I'll return it and wait a little bit till they worked out the bugs, and he transferred me over. The Dell return specialist said oh no why don't return it we can fix it will be fine. So they changed the motherboard, a couple weeks later I would have hissing sounds from the speakers. I had to learn to play with a lower sound level due to the speaks not being able to play loud enough sounds. A keyboard was replaced due to a button falling off and not able to put it back on. The mouse occasionally stops working, so you can't move the pointer correctly. You have to wait a little bit for it works. Occasionally the computer goes into sleep mode, and when you press the power button it doesn't turn on, just you hear noises, and the only way to get it to work is pull the battery. My final problem has been for some reason, when you turn of the computer the clock stops working, both on the os and bios. If I leave the laptop off for a day it turns off for a day. The cmos battery was replaced and still occurs. Dell tech specialists have done a 10-15 software repairs no luck. And if I lose connection with one, the new tech wants to repeat all the steps. I mean how many times can you install the same bios? To make sure it's not a software issue dell had me wipe the computer and no luck. So now I am sending a laptop to the dell tech depot to be looked at? Oh yea somewhere with all these changes the control buttons for the sound and other dell buttons have stopped working and do not light up. Also now my computer squeaks when you adjust the screen position, due to the multiple things that have been changed. I remind a dell tech support that I had a choice to return it, and was talked out of it. They remind me I'm past my return date, and if there are continuous problems, not to worry dell will keep fixing it for 3 more years. If you keep repair a computer, eventually you risk causing other things to break. I have never had to call dell about a computer more than once a year, Dell's quality of products has greatly diminished, and I am hesitant to ever get a product from them again. Tell me if you were in my place what would you do? Oh yeah I called dell to remind them of the return specialist who talked me out of returning the computer when it first failed, the tech coming from India didn't get what i was saying, put me on hold then hanged up on me.


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