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When I get old enough to know when I'm doing the right thing or not I'll let everyone know, "Buying through Dell" was not the right thing to do. I was surprised by the ease in which Dell made me a preferred account holder. In less than 30 seconds my 640 credit score was all they needed. They spoke of the "expierience" in ordering was very worthwhile and I must say it was ! For only 32 dollars more I was into more of this or that and before long my 600 dollar computer was near 1590 dollars. This was all for only 36 dollars per month and no interest for 18 months...Well that was fine for 18 months then I was reawakened by the Dell "gotcha scheme" .In that it was for 18 months I paid no interest but only had 18months . In the 18 months the computer was gathering interes at 25+/_ %. I was to have paid this baby off ..but heck for 36 dollars i'll just let it ride...Wrong century to make that fine judgement call. It was a deal from the Devil himself. For at the end of that time I now owed on top of the original cost an additional arm and leg. All with 26.7% interest . Now my payments are set at 50 per month or so they have been for the last year. My statment today after nearly 36 months of ownership has announced that I own a computer that is inoperable but has an acount that is about 10 dollars more than the date I bought it ...How you ask..Wait theres the past i sent a payment in early via the computer reward was a charge of $9.95 for my efforts. I called the next month that was 13.00 the bank draft system i set up 5 times has not worked yet. I get the feeling that Dell has a alpha numerical mix match in their name .Instead of the fourth consant for a first letter they really should use the explination is not required. With this last gesture of arrogance I speak to all of you who think to use Dell as a computer and say..."MAN---GET---AHOLD----OF-----YOURSELF"
It's not to late to do something about that irrisponsible act your going to commit. " Please Dell let my people go..."...It is with remorse I post this a dying, withering, yes sucked to death buyer of a Dell..

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  •   Apr 17, 2008
    Dell Financial - clearly a bait and switch tactic
    Dell Financial
    United States

    Dell has charged back over $780.00 in deferred finance charges after the promotional period runs out when you still have a balance. Which you cannot pay-off through the normal payment options. They put most of your payment toward other purchases then the promotional plan balance get the smaller of the payment split.

    Isn't this illegal? Now I owe finance charges on finance charges. You should only pay finance charges on the remaining balance.

    When I called to complain with Dell, they only offered $75.00 to keep me quiet when I said I will start/join a class-action lawsuit about this deceptive practice.

    Clearly a bait and switch tactic.

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  • Mo
      Oct 18, 2009

    I know exactly how this feels. Started out with a $1000 laptop and was so happy I was getting one as I was on bedrest for preterm labor and the laptop made time go by faster. Shouldn't have been so happy though because one month later I discovered the truth of Dell and have regretted my decision ever since. A $1, 000 charge is now over $2, 000 after 5 years. Even paying $100/month didn't really make a dent and after a couple of missed payments due to medical reasons and no job (with this economy) they turned it over to Pentagroup so now I have Dell and Pentagroup both bugging me all hours of the day and night and the interest just keeps going up, up and away. It is like making a deal with the devil getting a laptop from them. Sad thing is it is in my grandmas name as she was nice enough to let me finance it through her name and now I can't pay it off like I was planning all because of finance charges and hidden fees.

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