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the hard drive went out the day before the warranty ended. Best Buy St Petersburg, said they can't use the warranty because if they ship it out Dell wont receive it till after the warranty runs out.
then they wanted $84, for labor and shipping. then they wanted $133. for the hard drive and a component.
now they are calling for $282. (that has the 133 in it) for a mother board.
what kind of crap is Dell making these days that it would fry out the mother board and hard drive in a year.
I had a Dell for 5 years and never had a problem.
[protected] is the phone number it is under, Gary Rainey is the purchaser,
I don't know what I expect to get done here, but I wanted to speak my mind and tell you how mad I am that Dell or Best Buy would squeeze people like this.

Oct 03, 2018
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  • 9w
      Oct 03, 2018

    truth is the warranty would of expired by the time the repair would of been made or received for repair
    so that is the problem no warranty you pay
    and mother board and hard drive are rather common issues with dell

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