Debonairs Pizzadelivery service

We placed an order to debonairs pizza chris hani in voslorus to be delivered then it was delivered to the location an hour and thirty minutes later. The debonairs policy clearly states that any pizza delivered with a black dot should be given to the customer free of charge. When we had vocalised the policy to the delivery driver he refused to give it to us and continuously insisted that we called his superior lerato to confirm instructions on whether to leave the pizza or take it back with him back to the shop. We called numerous times but it went through to voicemail. When we finally called she said she'd call her driver. We decided to go to the store itself and they gave us a hard time where tammy rigney - lerato's boss - blatantly refused to give us the pizza we left having had a crap service. Follow the policy you enforce on the public otherwise the business is considered to be all talk and no service. We took our service and money to romans pizza where we gladly got great service. You're the ones that need our money not the other way round!

Debonairs Pizza

May 13, 2017

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