Debonairs Pizza / customer service, time frame

Cosmo city, South Africa

Hi a very upset customer.I ordered pizza online at 18:44 and I know it takes an hour to deliver but then at 19:54 I got a call the lady said my pizza will take another 1hour so I then waited until 20:52 then called because they close at 21:00.The lady told me there was 1 driver and I asked where the other drivers are and she said they didn't come to work cause it's cold. So I waited again and called at 21:40 to find out what happening the she tells me the driver just left now and on the way.With the instructions I had put, I ask if they could call when now at the gate, the driver called me and when I was at the gate there was no one.I wanted in the cold until the driver got to the gate and when I asked what happened he says he went that way and that way.I told him I opened the gate, standing in the cold and he wasn't at the street.I told then told him to return the pizza because I can't wait for over 3hours for the pizza and still wait outside in the dark in the cold.I then called the shop at 21:57 and the lady said she will ask the supervisor to call me but I didn't even get a call.I have never waited for a longtime for pizza more than 3hours.I had to start cooking from afresh what I didn't want to do.Im very upset and at your service this time debonairs Cosmo City.

Debonairs Pizza
Debonairs Pizza
Debonairs Pizza

May 13, 2017

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