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Dazzle White / term & conditions are unclear

1 Queen Creek, AZ, United States Review updated:

I ordered trial on 7/11/09 but term & conditions are hidden. I found the term & conditions on bottom of page and I have to open to read it. I contacted livechat & chat with Perry. He stated that there will be $58.76 charged to my credit card even though i cancelled on 7/12/09. He also stated this charges is pending. I have received the trial today 7/17/09 and I would like to send it back. Does anyone know how to process returns? I learned the lesson, do not order anything from Web Site. Too many this type of company and I feel very uneased. I came from Japan & I have not dealt with company like this in Japanyet. I hope I wouldn't see like this company in japan in future.

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  • Ms
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    I ordered the same trial offer. Except I did it twice ... once with Dazzle White the other one with SmileBrite. It was a double product trail offer... "Whiten your Teeth for Under $10" So, I tried it. I called to cancel and they told me the same thing. She actually told me, " You did receive a tube didnt you." I said yes, and she said the your going to be charged $58.76 for that tube." I couldn't believe the snap in her, and she actually told me that I would not get a refund if I sent it back, because I already received it. WOW! So, I hung up when Customer Service just kept recited the terms and conditions. Later, I logged on to chat with Sherry. Who said the same thing. But then she quickly said if I return the unused portion I'll get a refund. And so I called them on their scam with their sister company SmileBrite. And I was promised no charge would be place on my card without having to send back "the unused portion." But I cant find a customer service # on the SmileBrite packaging. So, I just warned my credit card company about them.

  • Hu
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    Ok you need to know that there are sister companies that are going to charge to your account
    call these numbers to also cancell


  • Da
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    I went through the exact same thing with Dazzle White. In fact, I got so frustrated with this whole ordeal that I actually went out and invested in the domain to let people know about this BEFORE they get stuck in the same situation.

    A couple of tips to help you get your money back (posted by users at the site above):

    1. Call them before they ship anything to you - yes, you have to ship that little tube back within 14 days of the order.

    2. They HATE chargebacks. You can call your credit card company and have them reverse the funds. For a good example - see this post:

    3. Insist that THEY cancel the order to the subscriptions that they automatically enroll you into. It takes a bit, but they are willing to do it if you press hard enough on them. See the comments on this blog posting for a step-by-step example:

    4. By just mentioning the fact that you may call your CC company and have them issue a chargeback, Dazzle White (scam) will be willing to reverse the charge themselves - they are penalized heavily when the CC company reverses the charge - aka it costs them money.

    Hope this helps!

    DazzleWhite Scam -

  • I0
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Another in the dark customer here but thanks to all of you before me I have figured it out as well. I have been given an address to help all of you. Make sure that you write your cancellation number, your order number on the box with your tube inside. The address is: P.O. Box 10233 DeMoines, IA. 50381. And I did mention to the operator that I had called my credit card company giving them permission to charge back any forthcoming charges and the second customer service representative i spoke with did what she called a "Master Cancel" so that any/all pending charges were no longer in effect. We'll see!!

  • Br
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Made the mistake of ordering before reading all these posts, I am glad I chose not to join the other memberships that come with it. I only paid $1.95 for the shipping and the large pending charges which come later haven't appeared on my account being that I found these posts before the product arrived.

    Here is what to do (in my case anyway):

    1)Report CC as lost and have the number changed.
    2)Call 1-866-989-2686 to cancel membership(operator was very helpful and surprisingly pleasant and it took only 5 minutes total)
    3)Get an RMA # to return the product from the operator and send it to:
    Dazzle White
    P.O. Box 10233
    Des Moines IA, 50381

    Hope this helps someone who catches on early before the product arrives and the charges begin.

  • La
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I called to cancel any future orders and was told I will be charged $79 on the 21st day after my order was placed. I told the rep. but it says two free bottles and any subsequent refills will be charged. I have not received the product as yet and where I live in |Canada it may not get here until after that 21st day! It is still on its way, a week later, from the US to the East Coast of Canada and then that office will send it to me on the West Coast! By then I have not even had a chance to try the darn thing.( gosh this is pissing me off!) So, the gal tells me that all future orders will be canceled, but unless I send back the unused portion of the product within 60 days to their Ontario office, I will not get a refund! (gosh I am feeling dumber by the minute with this! should have listened to my inner voice) I thought after reading reviews etc. I would give this kind of thing one more chance, (yeah been there done that years ago) but I am sorry. Now I just have to take measures to prevent other charges which I can not afford and don't have that amount available on my card anyway, and my husband is out of work. So you say, why did I order it... well my birthday is coming up and I just wanted to see if I could get my teeth whiter, cheaper. WRONG! Ok enough venting. Thanks and good luck to all. and hey... keep that credit card in your wallet, you can surf shop (as opposed to window shop) but dont buy!!

  • Ge
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    I was scammed by that FREE TRIAL OFFER also. I was stupid not to look down below at the greyed-out, tiny letters stating "Terms & Conditions". But here's a CAUTION... it may not stop for you! It appears that Dazzle White's parent company is Wie Vita Systems LLC. In addition to the Dazzle stuff 'Healthclns' charges, plus foreign transaction charges, to my VISA - I have been charged this month for "VH Access" (health member beauty pack) monthly charge of $6.95 plus foreign tx fees - hey I'm a guy I don't want this! (Well I never got it anyway.) I called - but oops an incorrect phone number. Big hassle but I finally got thru. But, then I saw another charge, "EZY Kit", (weight loss tips) $8.52 plus the foreign tx fee - you never get the services here either. It's from the SAME company WIE VITA SYSTEMS LLC. Notice that there are foreign tx fees. I am out $100 already. I am going to cancel my VISA - I think it's the only way to foil the company from any more surprises.
    Remember, if the internet firm requires your Credit Card # even for a small amount; bypass the service/product and save yourselves the hassle.

  • Di
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I was phoned after ordering the free trials with only .99 for one sample and 1.99 for the other sample. The person who called said they would send a 14 day supply and I said the only thing that I wanted was the sample and nothing else. No upgrades, etc. that they were offering. I had used my check card so they now had access to my checking account and based on the conversation with them, I felt somewhat uneasy so I immediately cancelled the card and got a new number and told my bank what I suspected. They had mentioned something about a "club" and a charge each month and I said I did not ask for that. They politely gave me a cancellation number which was nothing but music for 30 mins and someone saying that I could leave a message. Dazzel had a live operator on line and she gave me a cancellation number but told me I would be charge the discounted price of $89+. I hadn't even received anything yet. When I told her that she said it had been shipped. I saw the charges of .99 and 1.99 "pending" on my checking account but the bank knows not to put them through and will refer me to a fraud investigator if I have problems with anything else appearing in "pending" from them. I hope I caught it in time.

  • Li
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    My son made the mistake of getting the "free trial offer" or whatever from Dazzlewhite, then discovered about 6 weeks later that there had been 4 charges of roughly $80 each on his debit card to his checking account, causing an overdraw that he wasn't aware of and costing him more money on a daily basis! Total he's out: about $350, and what did he get? One shipment of 3 tubes of gel from Dazzlewhite, which we will be returning. 2 of the charges were from Dazzlewhite, but listed as PristineHealth and as Ultifreshwell; the other 2 charges were from HealthCLNS, which, from reading the other comments above, seems to be related and gives you absolutely NOTHING. To get a refund, you need to call the Dazzlewhite people at 866-989-2686 and get a refund number to send it back; they recommend a tracking number and insurance when you mail it so you'll know when it gets there and can call to have the refund processed quicker (they say). My son's bank is looking into it as a fraud, and he has canceled his card. What a learning experience for a young guy just starting college with his first card!

  • Pi
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    My name is Piper88 and I just posted my complaint about dazzle white. I'm studying law and I know my rights. Our credit cards provide the protection against these fraudulent companies, all you do is call and file a complaint, and they will credit your account. If you used a ATM card, it would still be considered stealing if they are debiting your account, your bank has to refund all the money. Just make sure you send back the products. With my situation they sent me one box of teeth whitener and billed me 3 times under different names, but my credit card company has had so many complaints they new the different names was dazzle white. I urge everyone to call your credit cards and get your money back. It doesn't take a lot of time to do it, and the more people who stand up for themselves and get their money back, we can stop all the fraudulent sales...Good Luck To Everyone*****

  • Ca
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    I have just been taken by this company. I work for an attorney who states they can not "hide" their temrs as it appears they have. So I am going to contact the appropriate office to have it checked out further.

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