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dazzle white/dentech / scam

1 Tallahassee, FL, United States

Dazzle white and Dentech both are guilty of unethical business practices. That is just my( and hundreds of others who fell for the scam) opinion. I'm just saying. Wow! What a wakeup call. Again. I can't believe that I fell for this. Twice. Cathy from Tallahassee said what a wonderful job dazzlewhite and dentech did on her teeth, that I just had to try the "free" sample. I know inflation happens but $69.98 is a lot of inflation. I ordered the samples just like Cathy from Tallahassee said, and in a few days I got a call from someone verifying my information. The first person that called to verify said something about a $100 gas card. She talked nonstop and I didn't get a work in edgewise. When she stopped I said something like uh huh. I did not say yes I would love to sign up for your program and yes please charge my credit card monthly. They never asked me anything which required a reply. The second person that called talked so fast that my mind was on going out on the boat on sunday and my eyes were glazed over. When he finished his speech, I said wow could you repeat that only faster this time? Again, not once did I say yes I would love for you to charge me a monthly fee for something, (I am not sure what) but it sounds great. I did receive both samples and then a few days later I received the packets saying enjoy your membership. One was United benefits advantage and the other was ID sentinal alert. I have contacted the FCC (because they use the phone for soliciting the unwanted membersips and also the better business bureau.

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