Days Inn / credit card charged twice unauthorised charges

I booked and paid through Expedia several months for a 7 night stay at Days Inn Nanaimo Vancouver Island, commencing 19th November.
When my wife checked our credit card was charged over $800.00 dollars.
I have been told it was human error but the manager Joan Spencer is not helpful and has now taken to writing to me without addressing me by name. Quite rude.
I have said I want full reimbursement as the card providers all charge a currency fee and the buy and sell rates on the card will differ. This blunder will cost me around $50 and will take about 2 weeks to reverse and there will be charges. I have asker Joan to confirm she will cover the loss and to offer some form of compensation to my wife while she is there but Joan just ignores these requests.
She did however tell me she is a professional? Hahaha
Carlton Morris

Why do I need to contact my card provider?
They just honoured the transactions your hotel put through as they are obliged to do.
As of today the refund is not processed through to my account.
I may have mentioned it will take around two weeks
Please forward details of where I should make a formal complaint

Carlton Morris

On 24/11/2017, at 6:38 AM, Joan Spencer wrote:

Did you contact your credit card provider?

Joan Spencer
General Manager
P. 250.754-8171 Ext. 301

From: Carlton Morris [mailto:carlton. [protected]]
Sent: November 21, 2017 7:16 PM
To: Joan Spencer
Subject: Re: Susan Morris - Credit Card Pre-Authorization Error

Dear Joan Spencer

Thank you for you email. Just so you are clear:- Your pre authorisation x 2 have both been drawn or taken from my account so you can call it whatever you wish but it has been debited and is gone from my account.
I note you did not confirm that I will be fully reimbursed including charges, fees and commissions.
Further, as you have not been gracious and offered even a complimentary coffee for the inconvenience of having around $800 taken from my account for a couple of weeks, I most likely would not book to stay with Days Inn in the future. You know good news travels quickly but bad news travels even faster.
Please forward details of where I should make a formal complaint should I decide to do so.
Have a great day.
Carlton Morris

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On 22/11/2017, at 12:13 PM, Joan Spencer wrote:

Dear Mr. Morris,

I have not forgotten about you but rather, have been investigating this occurrence. Please know that we are not in the habit of double billing our guests but sometimes our systems have a glitch and/or there is the matter of human your case it was human error. Our Desk Clerk inadvertently pressed the wrong button which lead to the ‘pre-authorization' of $579.36 CAD put through on your card which with the exchange rate showed up as $689.14 on your statement. We understand that you paid for the entire stay when you originally made the booking with Expedia. They send us their Virtual Card on the day prior to arrival which is then processed for your stay.

We have a copy of the receipt of a pre-authorization for $100.00 CAD taken on the day of arrival ($118.95) on your statement. I have attached the receipt for your information. This amount will release after check-out.

Our Night Auditor reversed the $579.36 pre-authorization on Nov. 19th and we have just confirmed with the credit card processing company (Elavon) that this was in fact done. They also informed us that the reversal of the pre-authorization will take approximately 3 - 5 business days to come through on your statement. If you still believe that these are charges rather than pre-authorizations, kindly contact your credit card provider. I am sure they will corroborate what I have indicated here.

I am a professional and run this hotel in an ethical manner. From time to time, mistakes do get made but we make every effort to correct them in a timely fashion. We apologise for the confusion caused by our error but have made the necessary corrections from our end. Thank you.


Joan Spencer
General Manager
P. 250.754-8171 Ext. 301

Nov 23, 2017

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