Davison Design / their product rendering nearly a copy of existing product.

8538 Willow Grove Way, Sacramento, CA, United States
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Phone: 9166819263

Here’s a copy of the complaint letter that I sent to Davison Design:
Dear Davison,

I am writing you this letter to let you know how disappointed I am with the results of your company's efforts and NOT being unable to get my product ("Forget Me Not") licensed in a timely manner. I have spent close to $15, 000 dollars of my retirement money to invest in a product that has thus far (3 years) given me nothing monetarily in return.

I am also contending that the product that you decided was the best rendition for marketing and therefore sales, is not at all what I had in mind when I submitted my idea to you. In fact I told Jason Zerbach that the product that he presented to me was similar to one that was already on the market ( The Child Guard) and sold by Safety Technology in Florida. It is as though it was made as a copy in a general sense, with a different animal on the exterior, but basically doing the same thing as the product that you presented me from my idea. Jason Zerbach assured me it was different enough to not matter. Your company claims to be the expert on what is marketable and what is not. Jason told me that he and his companion employees know what the best packaging and presentation would be to present to manufacturers, so your clients have to place a degree of reliance on your corporate strengths, other wise why would we come to you in the first place? But it seems it does matter since no one is licensing my product. (SEE ATTACHMENT)

If you check my files, the product that I originally submitted was to be a system or device that integrated into a vehicle that would warn a parent if they accidentally left a child or pet inside the vehicle. It specified it was to be integrated into this child's car seat and was to warn if parent left the vicinity of the vehicle and a child was still in the seat. The product you came up with was just like the product on the attachment that I sent with this letter.

I have also tendered about $800 (In addition to project costs) to get my product presented to 3 companies and STILL no results getting it licensed by a manufacturer.

The work and or engineering that it took to essentially produce a "different looking" rendition of another very similar product, could not account for close to $14, 000 in costs. Surely your company had to do some simple research to see if the possibility that they might be infringing on another products design and uniqueness.

I trusted you as a professional design and marketing company to know what is bests to get a product to market and making money. Unfortunately my trust appears top be misplaced. I know it takes time to get a product licensed but 3 years is a bit much wouldn't you agree? This is my second letter concerning this matter and I am now growing impatient with a "wait and see response" from Davison.

I am at the point now that I would like a reasonable refund for these extreme costs that have thus far given me nothing in return.

Please Forward this letter to any and all parties involved in getting this ISSUE resolved

May 29, 2015

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