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we were trained to rip you off

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Davison Design & Development
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
As a former Davison salesperson, I truly feel it is my duty to tell people just how heartless this company is and feels about the general consumer out there. It amazes me to see their web site and all the smiling and palm pressing & the 'wonderful' stories on the site about how great they are, all the companies they work with, all the happy customers, blah, blah, blah. The only thing is, I was on the inside for a long time and saw as well as heard first hand what really matters. We didn't make any money from royalties. What we made money from (and a lot of it) was you, the everyday person out there who believed enough in your idea to send it to us. Oh sure we sounded regal on the phone with a fancy BS title and a slick sounding recorded voice mail "Mr so and so the Director of New Products can't come to the phone", and to be honest with you folks we didn't even know who the woman was on our own voice mails. That was something you better learn quick at Davison...do not ask a lot of questions. The money & commission check was the key. We turned a blind eye on a LOT of shady/potentially illegal things going on there for one reason. Cash. At that point in my life that was the only thing that was important to me & we got it in spades. We would tell people that we were " thoroughly" searching for manufactures or that your product was made for the "specific manufacturing demensions of the corporation we are presenting it to", all lies lies lies. We didn't care less if your grandmother broke her neck chasing kids out from a burning car, if your payment wasn't in our office when you said it would be we would make your life miserable. Not returning calls after 5 voicemails from the paying customer or leaving a humiliating message for the inventor with one of their family members, whatever the case may be...it was a great scam, I mean the best writers in Hollywood couldn't have written better scripts than we used. Yes, we had to follow a mandatory script. If you had a rebuttal, we had a page to turn to to answer it, and they were all good. They were written by Frank Vescio and Anthony Valkanas, who also train the sales people. Valkanas used to sell Volvos for a living, so of COURSE he was qualified to be a Vice President of New Products (insert sarcasm here). Anyway people, we never met any of the design people, we were not allowed to call them interoffice, we as "Directors" never had one bit of input on your product and it was never "presented" to them, it was mass mailed just like the Pennysaver classifieds you get with your junk mail. So people take heed---you will get taken for 685 + they WILL tell you they have to develop it for 8, 000-15, 000. You will get ripped off and will be made a fool of.
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A  20th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Yes, there is no communication with the sales rep and design department because Davison does not want the salesmen to know how pathetic their design department is so they can't give any true info to a client. Designers get paid on commission, so this means they only spend at most 4 hours "designing" a product. That was typed correct "4 hours designing a product". This company touts "we design 200 products a month". They have about ten designers designing 200 products a month. That means there is no real design work going on there, not impressive figures.
N  22nd of Jul, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I hired Davison who is an inventor promotional firm to help me bring my idea from conception to market. I have paid excess of $9000 in July 2009 and was last contacted by my representative Michael Grando in March 2010. At that time, I was told my actual product sample had been manufactured and was in QA and I would have a provisional patent application within 2 weeks. I never heard back from Grando and began calling leaving voicemails and sending emails. Finally I spoke to the receptionist who advised Grando was on medical leave and Gary Humes was handling my design. I began leaving Humes numerous voicemails and have also left voicemails with the Vice President and still have not received a response regarding my inquiries on my product.

Since my concerns, I have learned Davison had been sued by the FTC for practices that are still being used today in which I am a victim of. For example, I was told they had great contacts with companies, more specifically, Cuisinart with which they would be presenting my design to. I am learning that they do not have solid standing here. When I told them I had another company in mind I was told that they were the experts in this area and had done all of the preliminary research to target this company. I even asked who their contact with Cuisinart was and was told that it was a confidentiality matter and could not be shared with me. I was also told that very few people's ideas were accepted by Davison as they were selective on the applicants received but mine was being accepted for further development.
N  1st of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Michael Grando's probably in rehab & Gary Humes is an ex-car salesman. Unless you have less than a 6th grade education, have lived in a cave in the Greek islands for the last 30 years, or are just plain stupid, this should tell you that, ummm.., your chances of having your project go any further successfully is about as good as you receiving a royalty check from Davison. Or Jonathan Brenza passing an IQ exam above a 75. But hey, look at the bright side, the ghost of Ed McMahon & the publishers clearing house crew could show up at your door with balloons and an oversized check.
N  1st of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes

I was Contacted by e-mail by Davidson Design and development, who told me that I only need an Idea and $740 dollars to start.

Mark Menzietti New Products Director, said do not get a patent just come to us with an idea.

The problem with that is:

1. You do not own your Intellectual Property.

2. You do not own copy right.

3. The worst of all you have put your Idea in the public domain, so you cannot obtain a patent protection.

They state that they deal with 10 new ideas a day @ $740 = $7, 400 a day x by five days a week = $37, 000, a week x by 50 weeks a year = $1, 850, 000 a year for doing nothing.

My Solicitor requested a list of inventors and a list of those inventions launched successfully, their reply was "you do not have any belief in your idea"

I informed Mark up front I was not going to be ripped off by another American.

My invention has a Granted Patent for full control and management of vehicles and there operators. The market is worth £60 billion per annam in Europe alone on a product that not only has to be bought under E.U. Law but has to be replaced ever 4 years and would take a minimum of 10 years to fit to all land vehicles in Europe, and then you have all air traffic and others to do and George Davidson wanted $740 and 3.5% of any deal signed with an American Manufacturer, no chance.

If there is an american company with the capability to manufacture and market my invention for a royalty payment, good but I warn you it has been extimated by Sony that you would require 40, 000 employee's at full production just for Europe.

N  19th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Cardiff, in response to your anonymous posting pertaining to patenting-- The patenting industry preaches to consumers that patenting is the first step in new product development. The product design and development industry encourages proper product design, development and packaging as the first step to be accomplished prior to patenting - and, for good reason. Obviously, Davison is a product design, development and packaging company. We encourage proper patenting at the proper time. Putting the cart before the horse does not help you. You as the consumer will need to decide what you believe is best when taking the first step when considering commercializing your idea or invention.

In general, Davison offers product design and development services that mirror how manufacturers and corporations design and develop their new inventions. These established processes are in stark contrast with the “patent first” industry approach. You should recognize that manufacturers do NOT practice the patent first approach. Think about why manufacturers develop high security research and development facilities and deal in trade secrets – they won’t need these if they rushed off to their patent attorneys or in-house patent counsel to start filing patents on concepts that aren’t fully thought through from product feasibility, ergonomics and aesthetics and a manufacturing prospective.

Also, how do you plan on financially protecting a patent from infringement? Have you heard about “Patent Poaching”? Once a patent is granted it is publicly disclosed by the patent office for anyone in the world to study and copy it. Do you think manufacturers want to have their trade secrets stolen by poachers? Do you want your idea stolen by poachers? Do you know that patent infringement litigation is considered the most expensive type of litigation in the United States? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars are you willing to spend on a patent attorney to protect your patent rights? You do understand that you and your checkbook, not the patent office, have to fight off the poachers?

Here are some other interesting points to consider when patenting first:

1. Imagine a manufacturer’s research and development team patented an invention concept prior to completing proper product design procedures. When the executive team went to put it into production the manufacturing division concludes that economic production of the invention is not possible and/or the new product can’t be packaged and shipped economically. (There goes the profit margin.) Obviously, it’s back to the drawing board for the R&D department and redesign work begins (after a few R&D personnel are most like terminated for wasting time and resources.)

2. Here’s a little fact that can really upset an inventor. Image the USPTO grants you the patent today. You visit a local manufacturer (like most novice inventors do) and his team explains to you that your patented design cannot be economically produced. So, naturally, you redesign with their recommendations – spending tens of thousands of dollars again. But now your original patent does NOT cover the new design. Therefore, you start the process of patenting all over again.

Simply put, you might want to consider the “Think Like A Manufacturer” process that is in stark contrast to the “Rush to Patent” process. Executives involved in new product development and manufacturing apply a certain flow of processes and procedures when developing new products for the store shelves and that is the process our team utilizes when it is developing products for the store shelves. Filling for the formal patent usually is the last step in the process. You can verify this yourself by visiting local department stores like Wal-Mart. Examine the products and their packaging to see how many advertise “Patent Pending”. There are good reasons for this. They are following the “Think Like A Manufacturer” process. In addition, manufacturers and Davison understand how to pick up a couple extra years of patent protection if the application is granted a patent. (It can take up to a year, if not several years, to get a patent granted and that entire time the invention remains in a “Patent Pending” status. So . . . the expiration clock for 20 years of patent protection doesn’t start until the patent is granted.

We are more than happy to work on a patented invention and we do assist those that previously patented their inventions. What we have found is that most of these patents have numerous manufacturing design flaws and because of these poor quality patent designs clients find themselves starting the process again.

We would like to note the fact that in the past competitors have posted false and malicious complaints about us on the internet. Instead of choosing to compete by offering economic product design, development and packaging services they have chosen to confuse consumers with false information. We don’t know if this person is a client or not because they have remained anonymous. For any potential clients, we have outlined our services below.

Step One: All potential clients must acknowledge that invention development is high risk. In order to do so, each prospective customer is provided with an Affirmative Disclosure and an American Inventors Protection Act disclosure. All potential clients must acknowledge that they received and read these disclosures before we accept any idea submission from them. Thereby, we ensure that invention submitters understand that inventing is time-consuming, costly and rarely results in profit. As a result, none of our clients should have the impression that inventing is easy and financially rewarding. Inventing can be educational, fun and exciting as long as everyone keeps in mind that profit is unlikely.

Step Two: Pre-development Service Offer: After receipt of an invention idea we often offer to perform preliminary design research services on the project. This would include researching prior patents of inventions that are similar or perform the same function as the idea submitted and information on other products that are for sale or have been for sale that are similar to the one submitted. Any service offer made to a potential client is made in writing so that clients are assured of exactly what services they are purchasing.

Step Three: Invention Prototype Services Offer: If the inventor does not have a professional quality sample for use, we can perform one or more services, including brainstorming new product designs, designing components, creating prototypes, building working models, virtual reality renderings, video demonstrations of the invention in use and complete product graphics and packaging. Here again, any service offerings are outlined in a written contract so that clients are assured of exactly what services they are purchasing.

Step Four: Licensing Representation: Once projects are designed, built and packaged our team presents them to companies for licensing consideration.

We wish you the best of luck with your invention or idea.

Chief Consumer Advocate cca@davison.com
N  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
The employees at Davison don't give 2 sh#t's about you r invention. The salesman (director) is just making a commission, the designer is just making a per-project commission passing your idea to the guy in China who works on your engineering and graphics and has no idea what's going on, and you just get a crappy end product. Oh ya..the China people...they never tell you that part do they. LOL.
N  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
This place is not so much as a scam, but more of a misleading parasite. They don't tell you that they send your idea to China for development. They don't tell you that the director/salesmen makes a commission on your idea...don't tell you that the so-called designer gets paid on a commission to hurry though your idea...your whole invention idea is just a hamburger to be flipped for someone's paycheck. Your life's dream is just someone's hamburger. Sorry. I used to work there. It sucks. Do your research before buying. If you spend the money, it's your fault, plain and simple. Sorry.
N  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
We are happy to address your comment.

If you are a former employee you would understand that China is a major player in the world’s economy and that large product design and engineering firms having locations in the United States, like Frog Design and IDEO, have established offices located in foreign countries like China. We invested in China to establish an economic means to help save consumers money. As a matter of fact, in over 22 years in business, our prices have rarely gone up. We’ve been able to achieve economies of scale by working here in the United States and in China. (We’re pretty sure that the people in China desire the right to want to better their lives as we have been able to achieve here in the US so we don’t really understand why you would want to strike out at our Chinese employees. They are good people who believe in quality, integrity and our mission to be able to provide the most cost effective product design approach ever created.)

There are even design firms establishing offices in Mexico not to mention many have offices in Europe. As well, I think we all know that most major manufacturers here in the United States have offices and manufacturing plants in China and other parts of the world. It’s simply good business and saves the consumers money.

One additional fact that bears mentioning is that every product sample that is made, is assembled and packaged in the United States. There’s not really that much more to say except that we wish you the best with your career.

A  17th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
i seen their advertisment on internet and took a risk so mark menzietti and he pressured me into sending 745.00 to them. they sent me info and i sent them info on my invention next they told me that they had a manufactory for us. for some reason i had a funny in my stomach so i called the so-called manufactor and they had no info of my invention. so please be careful as soon as i told barbara browning i did not have 13, 000.00 to spare she has never called me again.
N  24th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Davidson is a giant RIP OFF after spending thousands of dollars, and the product turn out to be a piece of S**t. Stay away from these guys! Nothing ever developed other than a pile of junk from these guys.
A  8th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I agree Davison RIPPED ME OFF TOO! They are total scammers and something should be done about them.They are taking other people dreams and making their lives better, they care nothing about their customers or their ideas, They lie to you and tell you its a great idea even if its a piece of crap just to get your money.INVENTORS PLEASE BE AWARE DAVSON IS YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! No one should be treated like this.
A  12th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Stay far away from Davison. You have been warned.
A  10th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
My Name is Valerie Strickland and I'm writing to you in hopes that you can help me. I have been through a total nightmare with a company called Davison. It all started almost 2 years ago they contacted me because they liked my idea I put on an online questionaire. They buttered me up real good right from the jump. I have all the documents and contracts and "portfolios" but for the initial purpose of this letter I will keep it short and simple. They first charged me $695.00 for Pre-Development and some other balogna. After that was completed and after my husband and I took a roadtrip out to Pittsburgh (from NJ) to make sure this was an actual company and not someone running a scam from their basement they hit me with another "Development" charge of $9, 840 and 10% royalties assigned to Davison. I currently have the patent pending to my product and I plan on re-newing it again in March. This company is reduculous. First off, I was shuffeled around dealing with numerous people one EXTREMLY rude (Frank) and one that got fired (Charles) although he was actually very nice, go figure. They constantly told me one thing on the phone and another in writing. I'm at the point now where I insist on speaking through e mail so I have copies of all the bs they feed me, but Wilma Wallace said "they do not communicate via e mail". They must be afraid of the paper trail.

So after all that money I sent them I was told by Charles there would be NO FUTHER charges! Amen! But unfortunately that too was a lie. After presenting to their "Targeted Company" and them not being interested in it they insist I pay them another $385 to repackage the idea! They claim they change the packaging to match the targeted company during presentation so they can "invision" the product being theirs. Not to mention when I requested my product sample there was no company name on the crappy box they sent me, which looked like it took $5.00 to make! Actually receiving my product sample infuriated me! It took over a month to get, which makes me think they never actually had one to begin with. They may have made it when I requested it! Let's not forget that I've given Davison almost $11, 000 when all fees are added up. The product sample looks like something you would buy from a dollar store! When I complained they told me it's just the "idea" they're presenting and when a company shows interest they'll fund changes to the product. I thought my $11, 000 would fund something a little better than the hunk of junk they're presenting. No wonder the 2 companies they presented to diddn't bite. I wouldn't buy their presentation either. Here's another problem I have, if they have to "invision" the idea of my product with whatever changes they wanna make why can't they "invision" their name on the box?! It makes no sence for me to pay $385.00 to re-package and to re-package again when the targeted company thinks the product looks like a POS. My sample also didn't "solve a problem" like it was supposed to. The problem was taking down and putting up holiday decoratins repeatidly. My sample was supposed to include a lantern of some sort that would stay up as landscape lighting in between holidays. They sent me a pumpkin and a snowman! They breached contract more than once.

Davison told me "I hired them" that "I was in charge" imagine that! If it were only true things would be going much smoother. I have specifics for my lighting idea. I had a name they ignored because the interested company would name it. I wanted energy saving bulbs, which were nowhere to be found on the $385.00 box I paid for. I wanted a QUALITY product, which I was assured via phone that I would get for my $11, 000 investment, in fact that was why it costed so much. My husband is an electrician and has been for almost 20 years he told me exactly what would work best for my idea, they ignored it all. Actually when they sent me the product sample paper I had to sign I signed it with a note saying how Charles Cassella told me the final product would look much better and they told me they could not move forward until I signed without the note attatched. This was after they already had all my hard earned money. I have 2 kids and another on the way funds are VERY limited for my family. I busted my but to give them all that money, just to get ripped off. I have no more to give and they are at a stand still unless I pay MORE money to re-package.

According to Davison, I will owe them no royalties if I secure a deal with another company as long as it is not the 2 companeis they presented my idea to. I have a product sample, which isn't up to my standards but still get's the idea across. I have a patent pending already and my portfolio of all the scematics of the product. If your company would be willing to present my idea for a percentage of royalties please let me know. I have no more money to fund this project but I have the upmost faith it will be a success. To discuss the product in further detail please contact me at (Personal Info Removed). Anything you guys could do to help would be MUCH appreciated. My family is depending on this. This cost really hurt us and I refuse to give Davison another dollar, their customer service is unacceptable and I hope they go down in flames. I'm looking for a company that will listen to my ideas and actually make them happen, not say they will make it happen then you have to "invision" the product. I could have invisioned it for free! I have made numerous attepts to speak to Mr. Davison himself, with no luck. I guess he's just too busy scamming more clients.They claim they take my product idea to trade shows, yet when I asked the if they could tell me where they have brought my idea they said they don't have that information! It's amazing how "the boss" which was supposed to be myself has been left in the dark.

I REALLY thought this was a reputable company, I did soooo much research on them beforehand. They were even on the news claiming how they help the economy by producing American made products, deturing customers from imports and boosting our ecomomy. I had to do some serious convincing to get my husband to support this idea as well. As you can imagine I have not stopped hearing about this mistake and huge financial loss we had taken by pursuing this idea. The only thing that my husband said was that it was a great idea and he really believed in me and would back me up 100%. He was supportive yet reluctant on the validity of Davison. This is why we spent even more money taking a trip to "Inventionland" to see for ourselves. We really made sure we dotted our i's and crossed our t's. I feel like I let my entire family down!

Thanks so much for your time in reading this plea. I just don't know what else to do besides reach out to anyone and everyone that could possibly help me and my family. I am re-newing my patent pending which is up in March 2012 in hopes someone bites on my invention during the next year. Also, to protect myself from Davison taking my idea which they have every detail of and making a profit on their own, they already made enough off of me. Please contact me to discuss the details of my idea, I'm sure you will love it. It is economical, it solves a problem, everyone uses these, and it will save customers money in the long run if actually made according to my specifications. ANYONE I have confided in has thought it was a GREAT idea! Perhaps I fell through the cracks with Davison, but they have had numerous chances to make it right, they just don't seem to care. I'm preying to God I can find SOMEONE that cares!
Thanks Again,

Valerie Strickland
ANY questions contact me personally 973-332-7367 I would LOVE to detur anyone else from being scammed by them!!!
A  9th of May, 2013 by    -1 Votes
the exact same thing happened to me except for one thing- they actually supposedly got me a licensing agreement with a company and they sent me the agreement and i only had 5 days to sign it and send it back. well, nothing ever came of that, i was told the company couldnt get any "bites" on it so they put it on a shelf for another year, i dont know why we had a licensing agreement in the first place! makes no sense to me. in the meantime i looked up the company that i supposedly had an agreement with, turns out its a 2 man show run out of someones house in Florida! Something seems real fishy to me. wish i could afford a good lawyer!!
A  16th of May, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Pittsburgh, PA
A. Defendants’ invention marketing services are worthless and almost
certain to result in a total loss of the consumer’s investment.
3 -
1. Defendants’ product research reports are a sham. - 4 -
2. Defendants’ product representation agreements are unlikely to lead to
licensing agreements, much less licensing agreements that result in
financial gain. ...- 10 -
C. Defendants sell their invention marketing services by misrepresenting
those services and defendants’ history of success.
12 -
1. Defendants misrepresent their relationship with industry
decision-makers. ...- 12 -
2. Defendants misrepresent their history of success in promoting new
product ideas. ...- 14 -
3. Defendants claim expertise in the area of new product development,
thereby falsely implying that they professionally and objectively
analyze consumers’ invention ideas.
...- 17 -
4. Defendants falsely represent that their services are necessary if
consumers desire to market their invention ideas.
19 -
III. Legal Argument
20 -
A. Defendants’ misrepresentations are deceptive acts or practices in
violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act
...- 20 -
B. Defendants George Davison and Dowler are individually liable for
violations of the FTC Act.
...- 22 -
C. This court has authority to grant the requested relief...-
23 -
1. The FTC meets the standards for issuing a preliminary injunction.
A  16th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
MY NAME IS RON CRAIG I have been hood winked by Davison Design & Development for over 8 years now for over Ten Thousand dollars plus pain, frustration and suffering. All of which is totally worthless in sharing with them because they could care less what I or others think, the main item is they got their blood money after squeezing the blood right from our very souls.
1. They Failed in producing the major product.
2. It took me two years to find out just what it was they had produced ( supposedly) and was ( supposedly ) showing to the manufacturing companies.
3. They hit my Visa card for 8 thousand dollars and then after admitting to their mistake in judgement, I allowed them to con me out of it as to say its ok, because I had a great product and that is what the cost would end up costing me to get it to a legitimate company.
4. After I closed my project down, I requested Davison to return my material, thats when they finally allowed me to see what their engineers had come up with as per my initial design...what a piece of garbage, their concept was totally unworkable and would never do the job that my product had been designed to do.
5. After being conned out of the 8 grand, I received forms for me to initial stating that I had reviewed the product design that the Davison engineers had come up with and that I approved them. I called the Product director and told him that I could not approve anything that I had not seen and where was the information for me to observe...He ( Ben Cofee ) told me to please trust him because they had a manufacture waiting for our quick response and we must not waste any time, just please initial the items showing my approval.
6. After signing the forms, communications stopped all together, I kept getting notices that one company after another said no to my project and was charged for additional repackaging...then after a couple years I did shut it down, to find out just what was what.
7. Here is the clincher of stupidity, meanwhile while working with Davison on my PUTT MASTER project, I created a second project with them, called "HELP ME"...That cost me another $685.00 for that money, Davison sent me a large three ring binder loaded with garbage they had down loaded from the Internet which had nothing to do with my project, a total waste of money and a total fraud.
8. I challenged Davison and they agreed to give me three visits with golf companies concerning my PuttMaster golf Putting aid project to get that back on track...Baring in mind, Davison had not built the product, so it was up to me to do that. I put together my material and mailed it in to Davison, cost was $450.00 for the professional putting boards that I had a commercial professional company build for me. Davison said they never got it, the mail said they did. I had the professional company rebuild my boards once again and mailed them directly to Mr. Vesico the then VP of Davison, he called me and said that he had received them but did not want to send them out until he had a DVD explaining how they work. He was to hold the material until I supplied the DVD. I had problems with local video people, but finally achieved having a DVD produced. I notified Frank Vesico that the DVD along with several small mats was in the mail and to let me know when they got there. Frank called and shared he had received the material and was setting up the program to get my product shown to major golf companies. I said fine, thank you...
9. Time went bye and I decided to contact manager of Licensing department name of Autumn Liewenski to see what was going on with sending my material out. She responded by telling me that my material had just been sent back by a particular company as being rejected because it was not of professional quality. I shared with Autumn, how could this be, first of all Davison had not sent me the usual forms to inform me that the material was being sent to a particular company for review which normally requests my approval, then on top of that, just how professional is professional, I had sent them professional made putting boards, a new seven foot putting mat that was commercially made, along with two beautiful golf putters with alignment lines on them plus a half dozen new golf balls and over one hundred dollars in professional 10x10 pictures doing a complete walk thru then included an expensive DVD to show and tell product.
10. Making a long story short, I told Autumn to once again to shut down the project and just send my material back to me.
11. When I received the material back, thats when I found out what the problem was, Frank Vesico and his Engineer Matt had forgotten to include my main package of material which included the putters and putting mats tying them up together with the DVD for showing.
12. I naturally complained once again and was shut down by a Davison contract article which states that Davison cannot be held responsible for materials lost in transition either to or from the manufactures...Which as I finally was able to get across to them never was my problem, the problem was the either Matt Erwin or Frank Vescio just simply lost my material or stole them. The materials had not been sent anywhere, box #1 was supposed to be held in place until I sent them box #2...which included the DVD...
13. I managed to find a lady ( Lynn Gosenger) that worked for Frank and she set about to find my materials, she managed to find the original box which still had my putting boards in it but the putters ( 2) along with the 7 foot putting mat, golf balls and pictures where all missing..
14. Lynne sent me an email stating she had found a golf putter and would take a picture of it and send it to me for verification.
I quickly sent her a picture showing both of the putters for her to see but never heard back from her. I found out that she had been terminated from her job.
15. I went back to Frank Vesico and demanded satisfaction as I had proof that all my problems where derived from Davison Mgt and employees fouling up. Frank agreed to continue on giving me the three new visits to manufactures as he recommend to send my material to the company that was then handling the "HAMMER" GOLF CLUB advertisements. These three new visits was actually pay back from the $ 685.00 dollars that I had paid in for my 'HELP ME ' project that Davison company had screwed up on, the three visits were not just a given free be by any means, I had already paid for them and was just not screaming Fraud like I probably should have.
16. I was asked to call in on the 15th of each month starting in January 2013 to find out if the new company called Pro-Active Sports had completed their review of my material and if they liked it or not...I called Autumn L. and she said NO, not at this time, as they were still reviewing the material which means that they are still interested but just have not completed their review as of this time.
17. I then asked Autumn, just what kind of proof does she have as a paper trail that would prove my material or anyone else's material actual was ever sent out to the manufactures. I asked this because I had been on hole for one company for over seven months and then just got back a quick "NO" with no rime or reason of just what was wrong, because I knew the product had proven itself and was good.
Autumn would not respond and share with me any kind of an answer saying we will just wait and see the outcome and have a good day.
18. So now the clincher, I decided to email Pro-Active Sports and asked them to please let me know if they had received anything from Davison to review on my behalf...They came back to me and stated ...Sorry Ron, NO>>>> we have not received anything from Davison to review that had your name on it and if we had, we probably would have thrown it away because we consider Davison to be a bad company and do not want to have anything to do with them...
19. This means to me, that Davison did not have a program set up with them to review clients material that was a qualified arrangement.
20. I contacted Autumn and shared my findings with her to see if this was another mistake or just what...she came back to me in two days and said that Mr. Frank Vesico had canceled my contract with them due to my having Breached the contract.
21. What this all boils down to, is one hugh massive con game that Davison has organized to fleece its clients with as they continue to do nothing with the material other than talk a good show while holding the clients at bay as they wait in the wings for someone to say I like your product, then saying NO...so Davison can then charged another $385.00 dollars to repackage and supposedly send to someone else...its just one big con game and Davison clients are the losers...
ANY QUESTIONS, WRITE ME AND ASK ME... RONCRAIG02@MSN.COM IF YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED OUT OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, CONTACT THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, SHARE WITH THEM YOUR STORY AND THEN WRITE A LETTER TO MR. ETZI PA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE BUREAU OF CONSUMER PROTECTION 15TH FLOOR STRAWBERRY SQUARE HARRISBURG, PA 17120 ...Mr. Etzi just sent me a form to fill out along with my problem so the Attorney General will have the info and back up of consumer fraud that they can look at...Please take the time to share with him your story and if you have the time, let me know if this has helped you or not...
N  10th of May, 2015 by    +1 Votes
I was ripped off as well. They took my idea that was moderately complex and turned into a cheap copy of a product that was already on the market. It actually boils down to $15, 000 lost for a product that looks like it costs $2.00 to make (no kidding). Not even close to the idea I presented them with. I ask them for a WORKING prototype of my product and it looked stitched together with cheap electrical components that didn't even work. With the exception of a cosmetic difference, they simply copied another product that did exactly the same thing even looked like the same electrical components used on the one they copied. They trap your money because arbitration costs $8, 000 to get started and then you add lawyers fees and it costs just as much to fight them as you lost to them. They know that. They are operating a money TRAP. They tell you anything you want to hear, even convincing you to go against your own good judgment (give the prototype the ok), because they give you the idea that they are the experts. SO WHEN YOU SIGN THE DOTTED LINE it is too late; you have signed your rights away.
N  25th of May, 2015 by    +1 Votes
They ripped us off too for over $11, 000. I didn't know what to do either so I've gone to my local t.v. news station, NBC channel 4 for help from their "investigations team. If they take on this case all of us might be able to get some help that we all need.
A  7th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
i submitted a billion dollar idea to this company called the Reese, they told me all the b.s that my idea was going to be kept confidential even there opening statement tells how you're idea would be kept under complete confidentiality, they even made all there employees sign confidentiality agreements. we'll i could not go forward with my idea and low and be hold i see my invention at 3;00 am on tv, i looked it up some guy patented my same idea in 2015 and in twenty fourteen the other half of my idea is patented by this guy, hoo just you have it has no affiliation with Davidson the company, but is friends with the a whole from Davidson on face book, ya i know the proof is in the pudding. it's funny how i didn't even finish there online forms either. it funny how big corporations continue to get away with cheating us the little people and are government does nothing to protect us except to excerpt PAC contributions, its funny how the founding fathers started a revolution over getting cheated buy a class system. ya i know that's a lot of (its's funny)s
N  29th of Aug, 2015 by    +1 Votes
DAVISON DESIGN HAS BEEN SUED BY THE FTC AND LOST PEOPLE, AND YET HERE THEY ARE IGNORING COURT ORDERS AND THEY ARE STILL RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. Don't sign ANYTHING with them. If you do sign and then you decide to sue, (and you will) the Pennsylvania Attorney General is what your signed contract says is your only way you can do that. Well the Attorney General is more crooked than Davison Design, (yes that is possible), Davison pays the Attorney General to ignore and deny any legal action brought against Davison Design making it very difficult to take them to court. I can't believe this ### has been able to scam BILLIONS of dollars from thousands of innocent people. My god, you would think by now someone would have hired a hit-man to blow his brains out. If I had any money left that's what I would spend it on, and it would be the best money I could spend. George Davison is the lowest form of ### on this planet. I can't wait, he is going to scam the wrong person and he'll get what he deserves, and then the world will rejoice.

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