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David's Bridal / Poor service!

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We bought our dresses early so as not to have that last minute oh no happen... it was so bad. To start with they altered one of the 3 bridesmaids dresses. There was a twist in the ribbing but we were told it would be fixed with the alteration. The alterations were more than the dresses... the bustle that we discussed was not the bustle they did. After 2 fittings they decided that they couldn't fix the bridesmaids dress so they had to change her style and color so that she didn't even match the other two girls. It came in a week before the wedding-it was horrible!!! It was smaller cut across the bust then the size smaller they had her try before ordering this one. The gal's didn't care what they were putting her in for a church wedding by anymeans. My daughter finally told them if I walk into the church with that my Dad is gonna shoot me-the response was he'll get over it... Luckily I got a refund on the dress-unheard of I know. I had a friend who called the manager and threatened to come in the store in 20 minutes screaming. Told her she knew the store was crowded and if I didn't have a refund in 5 minutes she'd be in the store in 20 minutes. I wish I could say the bad ended there-NOT!!! Before our bride made it from the dressing room to the church the hook and eye at the top of the zipper broke. At the reception the beads started popping off and before the first dance the bustle that we paid so much to have done broke!!! I read a comment earlier about the heaviness of the materials-they are right they are very heavy-but a professional would recommend a dress that didn't have to be bustled because of the weight!!! The price was cheaper than most places-but the price of stress is high. My bridesmaid (actually maid of honor) that ended up with no dress the week before the wedding was fortunate enough to find a dress at JCPenney normally 200.00 on sale for 19.99!!! She hated the dress,but at 19.99 toss it when the wedding is over. I warn everyone to be ware of David's Bridal and the Men's Warehouse...

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  • Pe
      26th of May, 2008
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  • Re
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    I originally went to Davids Bridal for a fitting, because I was ordering on of their online dresses. I noticed that the girl who was doing my measurements did them completely the wrong way. I went elsewhere, and got the correct measurements. If I had followed the sizes she had given me I would have ended up with a dress 2 sizes too big!!!
    I recieved the dress, and the dress was wonderful, I love it, however it was too large around the bust. It is a strapless dress, style BR1000.
    I went in for my alterations appointment, I figured as long as I didn't get the same girl that measured me it couldn't be that bad, right?
    Reyna, the alterations manager, was the person who was supposed to do alterations on my dress. I put it on, and explained that the bust was too big and needed to be taken in, and she repeatedly argued with me that I didn't want it taken in, what I wanted was a bra with more lift.
    She said "I see you, you keep pulling the dress up there." to which I explained "Yes, because it is too big and keep falling down!"
    She had me try on another bra, and still said that what I wanted was lift, and told me she would take the dress in because it wouldn't give me the lift I wanted!!!
    I left, and took my dress to Bridals by Carol in Northampton - and the wonderful lady there had me try it on, and right away knew what I was tlaking about. She walked in and said "Oh, all you need is for the bust to be taken in 2 inches." AND she was by far cheaper than Davids Bridal!
    Skip Davids Bridal, they are just too much of a headache!

  • Sa
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    Honey, I full agree with you on david's bridal. I went in several times to look at dresses for the same reason ya'll did. I didn't want to freak out at the last minute. Trying on dresses was great. I was so excited. This was my second marriage and I didn't get to do this the first time. Also my daughter was going to be in the wedding also. So I didn't just deal with one davids bridal but 2 stores in 2 different states.
    I ended up getting the dress that I tried on cause it would take to long to get a new one in. I found snags in the dress and I agreed to get it cause they told me they could get them all out. My first fitting was ok. It was when I went back in to try it on. The snags were worse then when I picked it out. It wasn't Hemmed the right length. It was to tight and I had not gained a pound, and there were stains all over it. They weren't there when I left it with them. The only reason I can say that is my mother made it a point to look it all over cause I wasn't ordering one. It also looked like someone had slept in it. They couldn't get those out. I watched!!
    At the reception my before I even got into the room. When they were putting up the bustle, the button that hold's it up came off. They had to safety pin my dress that I had already gone through a nightmare with. Paid out the butt for to get just right and the nightmare just wouldn't stop. So then I had a hole in my dress also. Small it might be but still a hole.
    I don't think anyone has ever yelled so loud in the store at these people. I saw some people that had walked in to the yelling stop and listen then walk back out. I get ya'll and know body should have to go through this for the biggest day of your life.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    Davids Bridal was awful. My maid of honor and I went in to try on bridal and bridesmaid dresses for both of us, because she is engaged too. They were rude and uncaring, because neither of us is getting married immediately. Both of our weddings are over a year away, and they scoldingly told us that whatever we saw today would not be available for us when we needed them. Neither of us wanted to order a dress, we were both looking for IDEAS. Every time we saw something, we were reminded it wouldn't be available. The other lady that was there, I felt so sorry for her!! She was a bridesmaid in another wedding, and she was pregnant, and all the sales lady could tell her was that she might be able to fix the dress to make her look nice. Walking out, both me and my sister left our catalogs on the table, and ran into the door, because we just couldnt get out fast enough. Apparently, the other ladies wouldn't be back either, they looked MAD when they left.

    Alfred Angelo was the greatest so far. I'm sure some people have different experiences with different companies, but it seems to me, that we all had the same from David's Bridal.

  • Mr
      15th of May, 2009
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    David's Bridal - Poor Service
    David's Bridal
    United States

    Does not even deserve a star. Think twice before going to any David's Bridal. My fiancé and I looked at a David's Bridal and she found a dress she really liked, but also had a favorite elsewhere. She decided to go with the one at DB because she liked it more AND the extra incentives they throw in. We saved money off of tux's and bridesmaid's dresses by going through DB. BIG MISTAKE! You get what you pay for. Once you give them your money they quit caring. Their customer service is terrible. My fiancé has had to go up there 3 times to fix their mistakes. Every question she had for them: how to bustle, alterations, etc. they treated her like crap with their response. The first associate could not speak a word of English. This made it impossible to show her mom and bridesmaids the proper way to bustle her dress. The manager there is worthless. Each time my fiancé went to get help because the associates were not helpful she ignored her comments and acted like she was invisible. My fiancé requested a specific associate and was promised that associate for the time period of her final fitting. Instead she got a different lady with a short fuse and snippy attitude. She again talked to the manager and received no help. Three times she went up there and three times she almost left in tears. Her dress still needs minor alterations, but my fiancé decided to leave it as is whether than repeating her nightmare experiences again. She does not even want to wear her dress now because the negative experiences she has dealt with through DB. Is it too much to ask that brides receive the attention deserved to them during their dress fitting? Instead all brides are treated like bridezillas regardless of their situation and appointments. Once David's Bridal receives their money, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SERVICE THEY PROVIDE. Use extreme caution when dealing with any David's Bridal. It may be a deal, but it’s not worth the headache.

  • An
      20th of May, 2009
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    She could have taken it to another alterations person, not at DB. People have had bad experiences with alterations, but that just means to take your alterations needs somewhere else.

  • Wh
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I am a last minute "fill in" bridesmaid and time is of the essence! I contacted the SugarLand location to see what sizes they had avalable and they suggested I call Friendswood because the computer showed the size/color available. I have the package FedEx'd to me last minute. I got the dress and it is too big. I contacted the closest location (SugarLand) to me to run in and exchange for WHATEVER they had that fit. I explained that the wedding is tomorrow, I am headed out of town, and I need to run in and get an exchange... NOT A REFUND. The girl on the phone stated that her manager would not be in until 2 pm and there is no one there to make ANY SOUND CALLS until 2! The girl also stated that she could not do any exchanges because she "would get yelled at"! When I asked the girl to put me on hold and contact her manager via mobile phone, she put me on hold for over 25 minutes! I hung up, called back and they said I would have to call back after 2 pm. When I asked again for immediate contact of the manager via mobile, she said that the manager does not have a mobile phone! ? WHAT?? So needless to say, I am headed out of town for a wedding I am to be in and I am unable to wear my dress ($135) because it is too large and NO ONE AT DAVID'S BRIDAL is willing to help me out! I will definitely keep posting this because I am soooo upset! BRIDES/BRIDE MAIDS TO BE... PLEASE CHOOSE A BRIDAL COMPANY WHO HAS THE PROFESSIONALISM AND CAPABILITY TO STEP IN AND PROBLEM SOLVE WHEN SITUATIONS OCCUR!

  • Ne
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I had a bad experience with David's Bridal Services, when my sister is going to marry.She wanted a
    Themed we ordered her dress around six months before according to the theme, that was beach theme, and two months before when we went to the shop to take a trial of her dress..they scolded us by saying that we have our wedding after 2 months so they will give the dress before three weeks of a wedding date.We requested a lot because we don't have any option left, but they extended it to 4 weeks but not before that, and when they gave her dress, it was a different pattern what she ordered, they said they will charge extra for the changing pattern of her dress, and after that they gave dress before a week of a wedding.That was really a bad bad experience.So we warned all our relatives and friends never go to David Services.

  • Sw
      6th of Mar, 2011
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    I am really confused with David's for three reason's 1st was they told me my dress would be back in 16 weeks well tne dress came back in 3 weeks, they also told me my bridesmaid dresses will be back 6-8 weeks well as they purchase the dresses they are being told 15-16 weeks also. Please make your minds up. My dress came back in 3 weeks and noone rom Davids called to let me know my dress was back they told one of my bridesmaids and I felt like they should have called me like they said when I purchased my dress. And my last thing was I had to pay 10.00 for a david's bag to carry my dress out of the store and I fell like they could have given that to me and all other brides a complimentary bag to hid the dress david's needs to do better.

  • Pi
      30th of Oct, 2015
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    Why ifni buying a dress for a bridal store and people with dirty hands touching this brital dress that dress is going to be in my body and all and plus this people come with food trying to touch the dresses this is disgusting will never get my dresss there

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