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David's Bridal / Poor customer service in Beaverton Oregon

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David's Bridal was all happy to sell their dress to us. It was all downhill from that point on after spending close to 1000.oo dollars at their store. We were to receive a phone call when dress arrived. Since it was a designer dress, we anticipated a somewhat wait. After not hearing from them for some time, we called and they told us it had been in for at least a month and a half. They checked their records and told us they called us "one time", and we had not answered. Wow. We have a business, and our line is linked to our home as well. We are by our phones 98 percent of the time. Daughter called to make alterations appointment. Girl on phone laughed and giggled whole time, and then stated no appointments were available for time before wedding. We are truly disappointed in their non caring, non professional attitudes, and we will be spreading the word so other people do not have to go through this horrible and dissattisfying experience. They are highly overrated.

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  • Ca
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    i have a complaint , i arrive at your maple grove minnesota location and wanted to just browes in the store with my husband and son and not once were we offer help , offer support . we got the cold shoulder ,and the staff carried on private conversations and ditn act like we matter at all and at that point my husband said he will not spend a dime in this store, i thought it was a random experince.
    today one of my bride maids arrive and wanted to get her dress , had all my info . she said no one approach her for at least 20 mins and when they did offer help it was cold and rude and treated her as if she wasnt worth the time .they said they couldnt find my info and had all sort of excuses . she said she will not return to this location either.this is suppose to be the best time of my life and so far this store has made it a nightmare with some what racism and unprofessional service . something has to be done about this . this store has lost the 10 women of my bridal party business and i am willing to take my business else where .
    i think i deserve some sort of respect as a customer regardless what color i am and also how i look when i arrive at you store .

  • Ch
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    I wish i had seen all of this before i went to David's Bridal. I also went to the Beaverton Oregon store and am disappointed.

    I think calling there people "Consultants" is rediculous. All they do is carry the dresses to the dressing room. And, put jewelery, veils and shoes on you to try to get you to buy them. They just want your money and their commision.

    I bought my dress in August of 2007. My Matron of Honor went with me each time i went to try on dresses, and she did more for me than any of the sales girls. I also bought a necklace.

    When i got the necklace home, what looked off white and gold in the store was now very silver and cheap looking. I argued with them until they let me trade it for another necklace. I almost grabbed another one of the same style thinking the color was right. Luckily i checked it by the window light and realized it was not. Their lighting is screwed up. When i picked out a necklace that was $5-10 less, they almost told me they could not refund the difference. But, i finally got them to credit the difference.

    Thankfully i bought my shoes elsewhere (Emporio's in the Clackamas Town Center-they have one in Wash. Square also).

    3 months before the wedding, i went to another bridal shop to get an estimate on the alterations (Dillon's on TV Hwy and 185th). They have to take in almost 3/4" on each side. I had lost 6-8 pounds (yippee!). I realized that i could save some money on alterations and a lot of stress about the bead work, if i went to David's and traded it for one size smaller.

    The manager at the Beaverton David's Bridal told me she just couldn't do that. She made an appointment for me with the alterations lady. So i drove out there, thinking i could try on the 12. NO! She jsut wanted to tell me how they could alter the dress. Her estimate was over $100 more than the other bridal store, and they wouldn't do the minor style change (can't risk the integrety of the dress). She also told me that to go down one dress size, i would have to lose 35 pounds.

    Let's think about that. If i weighed 150 pounds and lost 35...i would be 115 lbs. So i would go from a 14 to a 12 only... Wow. If i want to be a size 10, i would have to lose 70 pounds and i would weight a whole 80 pounds. At which point i would weight less than most wedding dresses.

    I gave up on David's.

    The week before i went for my fitting, i called the Clackamas store to get the District managers phone number. THe manager at that store (Laura) tried to work with me. Unfortunately I had only 2-3 days left before my fitting, and a month before my wedding...and they did not have my dress in stock. If i ordered it, i would have to wait, and i would be crazy wreck waiting.

    So, stay away from David's Bridal (esp. the BEaverton store).

    Try Dillon's for bridesmaids (David's doesn't have any for less than $120 anyway).
    Try emporio's or on 82nd avenue next to Mr Formals there is a dress shop.

    But stay away from the Chain stores like David;s. To them, you are a one time customer, not a repeat customer. This is also why they tell you you can save 15% or 10% on your accessories and bridesmaid dresses if you buy them the same day as your dress. They know they suck and you won't come back.

  • Gi
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    The store in Chattanooga, Tn has the same problem's as listed above. Poor customer service, belittling and shallow sales associates to say the least.
    As a wedding planner I sent a bride there because of her very very tight budget. Not only that but she's a larger bride in need of a special size dress. From the day she walked in they treated her like she was dirt under their feet. She was humiliated, and tossed around like she was nothing. She allowed them to abuse her because she found the dress of her dreams there and could think of nothing more...but that dress. She tried on their sample was a size too small, so they ordered a dress 2 sizes up to be safe and allow for alterations. When the dress came in it was smaller on her, than the in-store dress at the first fitting and she had lost 15lbs since the original try on. She was devastated instead of trying to get to the root of the problem, the clerk, and the seamtress just belittled her more.
    She finally broke down on me yesterday during our November update meeting and cried her eyes out...I was crying with her before it was all over with.
    I will personally be visiting this store to speak with the manager and the district manager.

  • St
      13th of Sep, 2010
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    I have a complaint about customers, period. I understand some customer service areas really aren't that great, and I don't know about David's Bridal customer service but I just want to throw out there that customer's need to be responsible on their part too and not have exaggerating expectations of being serviced immediately when some service quite frankly takes time. As a representative who works at a call center and deals with ridiculous people daily, call after call, quite frankly I'm growing more and more disappointed with our society and how materiastic and inhumane its become.

  • Ar
      5th of Nov, 2011
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    I have a complaint about the customer service at the Beaverton Oregon Davids Bridal. I called wanting to know how late they stay open because I also have 5 bridesmaids that need dresses for my wedding that's 8months away and the first thing the person on the other end says "oh well we are under staffed today and you need to make an appointment and how many girls are you bringing into the store." first of all they would have been just looking and maybe trying on a few, but not buying just yet., so what difference did that make I explained to her every time that I call you people you whine and complain about how much work you have and how understaffed you are!!! I don't care!!! David's Bridal will not be getting my bridesmaids business. I also posted this on their face book site as well.

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