SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Changhong Ruba DC Inverter / Fake Product

Dear Sir

Would like to inform you that I have been purchased Changhong Ruba DC Inverter 1.5 Ton model CSDC-18BAH from Daraz.PK under head of order # [protected] from one of your registered dealer Electronics Cornor (Lahore) some days back i-e is May 10, 2018, however since starting I have been facing the issue with the product, product air flow were fine however its not chill the room, hence not working as per their capacity offering by company. Unfortunately some days back product become totally despondent and based on my complaint company engineer was visited at my home and reviewed the product, it became wondered and shocking for me, when he informed me that Daraz.PK team has sent you a fake product which is not up to the marked as per company standard, hence we/company are unable to provide you warranty claim or repair, where I have valid warranty card which I have been found with product, warranty card attached with other delivery details.
I have been spoken to Daraz team as well, but it was absolutely useless as they are saying, that I should contact with Changhong Ruba service team, whereas on other hand Changhong Ruba is not willing to provide me service.

In past I have real trust on Daraz products and advised by other family emebers and cllouges to use the online platform which is being best offering in our country.

But, this time it seems that I have been spent more than PKR 50, 000 just for piece of plastic, and I am totally disappointed and unable to found any support from both end, which making me more frustrated mentally and physically and my family/children are also suffering and I have no option but to put my case into consumer court and make my report into police dairy (F.I.R), which only the option I have left.

I would suggest if you pls call me if your team can do something favorable for me pls.

A Frustrated Customer

Jun 02, 2018

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