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I'm appalled by the quality of customer service I had to go through today trying to do a $1764.00 transaction!!!

The website didn't work (i tried to pay with PayPal). Then I called to do it over the phone.

I gave my VISA details and received almost instantly an SMS from my bank confirming transaction was approved . However, the gentleman i was talking to said that it was rejected (?!), asking me to check with my bank. I told him I have recieved SMS confirming transaction was ok.

Anyhow, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I gave him another credit card (AMEX), and this time he said transaction went through.

Then, I called my bank who confirmed that the initial transaction (VISA) has actually been charged.

I call back the Customer Service and another gentleman after putting me on hold for 10 minutes and checking told me that the reason my VISA was refused is because they received the approval from my bank only after transaction with AMEX was approved!!!

This is obviously a complete lie as I have the time stamps of my SMS, and different credit card transactions.

Now, I'm told I will be reimbursed the initial VISA transaction within 4/5 working days!!!

It sounds a lot like a SCAM and a very dishonest way to double charge customers who are not too careful. I will treat the initial VISA transaction as a FRAUD.

Now, from Woolworth or DanMurphy branding perspective, I'm giving you one chance to contact me back and explain why I had to deal with such a scam/hustling attempt. Failing to do so, I will not only stop being a customer (no brainer) but I will go to the Media...

Cyril Daoud.

Nov 17, 2017

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