DAMAC Properties / damac

United Arab Emirates

Can anyone offer any assistants, I’m really at an end and could do with some help.
Damac are really awful company to deal with and all they are interested in screwing you for your money. I am so anger I even got in touch with RERA last week but not an even an acknowledgment reply back. Investing in this country has been my biggest regret, all my life saving have gone and I have fear of losing more than half if not all.
It seems no one give a dam when you try to complain even when you write to RERA an UAE government body. You really not protected in this country. It’s not like UK where people are willing to listen and help against rogue developers.
The law in UAE is a very grey and it’s doesn’t protect the innocent against developer such as Damac who only want to shaft you.
If there is anyone, anyone at all who can help please get in touch it would be much appreciated.



Mar 23, 2013

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