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12:22 pm EST

Barratt Homes Lack of contact and help

Lack of help in removing restriction to do with Kings Oak Homes Ltd from our title deeds, is going to cost us our home.

Tried to remortgage, got our offer and then lost it as Barratts decided to ignore our calls for help in removing restriction from our Title of Deeds Registry.

Now it looks like the same thing is happening again. We had to put our home on the market as we couldn't remortgage, reason why mentioned previously. Our solicitors and ourselves have tried contacting Barratts - again without success - and now it looks liike our house sale will fall through

I don't know what will happen now as we need to raise the money to pay off the stupid '10 year' loan we were conned into, when buying our first home. The scheme thats like a shared ownership but where you don't pay rent on the 'unowned' share. You are supposed to remortgage 10 years after buying the main share, but can't when there is a a restriction that was placed on the title registry before the house was even built.

Just because Kings Oak owned the land from what we understand.

Desired outcome: We would either like to stay in our home or allow the sale to go through.The stress of this is making my husband quite ill.

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5:48 pm EDT

Barratt Homes Reserving a property

We have been spending months looking for a new home. We were very keen on the Barratts new builds near to us.

Initially we were looking at a Craigston however we saw a Mey house plot for sale yesterday evening after checking frequently that day.

emailed the local sales office to say that we wanted to pay £500 to take the house of the market and could we have an appointment to do this.

9am today I called the sales service line on [protected]. First called was cut off. 2nd call the advisor told us the sales team on site opened at 10am but was operating through appointments only. The first appointment we could get was for tomorrow at 11am. They said no face to face appointments were being done. They also told us the sales team on site were the ones who could take the £500 to remove the property from the market.

We waited till 10am and called the sales team on site several times with no response till 11.33. where we were told that people had been waiting at the door to purchase the property on opening.

The misinformation that we received from your team has now caused us the upset and stress of losing out on the ideal house and plot we were looking for. We are devastated.

We emailed last night.
We called the sales office frequently and left at least 2 messages saying we wanted the property today before opening.
We also called the [protected] number incase we could pay over the phone with them.

We have done everything we could and followed the covid guidance that is on your website re. appointments only and given to us via the phone. We work in health and continue to follow the rules and guidance during the pandemic to remain safe and to be let down like this when we ourselves could have turned up to put down a reservation fee at the door at anytime contrary to your covid advice says a lot about your company and very much is opposite to your statement of putting your customers at the heart of everything that you do.

We are now reluctant to look at other Barratts properties due to this.

Desired outcome: Incentives for another plot with Mey or craigston house the same or greater than intended. With kitchen appliances , wardrobes, shower over bath, garage, and flooring..

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1:01 pm EDT

Barratt Homes Newly built apartment and security/management of bram

Bram and barratt have clearly communicated in written to us that they are not responsible for stolen items in our development.
Our secure car parking are accessible with simply pushing with a scooter on the pedestrian gate. Police said to me: "this is a serious security issue". My motorbike was stolen! Please be aware of your cars, possessions and motorbikes!
We pay a very high bill for a 24hours concierge service, but the concierge (S) are supposedly not trained to watch in real time the monitors (In other words barratt states they are not trained to watch tv – I know: ridiculous!). That means we have 0 security on our development.
Example: the thieves entered, roamed around and exited the secure car park twice for a total of 20 minutes in two different dates (12th and 14th february) ! The concierge did not alert police!
Look on google and you will discover that:
- senior management in barratt london has been arrested for corruption
- there are pending requests of intervention of mps on barratt for the poor level of construction they delivered
I believe that clearly bram and barratt are not delivering their promises and commitments!

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4:43 pm EDT

Barratt Homes Reservation fee and Unnecessary survey fee

Looked into buying new Barratt house and offered a deal on shared equity scheme which would help us as first time buyers (and in the current economic climate) get on the property ladder as their 25% could count as a deposit (or part of a deposit) and thus enable us to find only 75% on mortgage. We were in the process of arranging the mortgage (after already signing their documentation and leaving a reservation cheque for £500) when they called us in to tell us that they could no longer offer the shared equity on this house and they were only offering it on their flats! They did however say they had a fantastic offer to put to us, which was a discount of £43K making the house price £160K. We again accepted this and signed their documentation again (they kept the same reservation cheque). They then advised we would need a survey of the property and when this came back at £203K the goalposts again seemed to change! They advised on the 23rd of January (3 weeks down the line of the whole process) that they should not have offered the house at £160K and it would be £178K - taking it outwith our budget. We are currently out of pocket for the reservation fee and survey fee with promises to pay us back but we have no faith given the way we have been treated by Barratt Homes. We would like this to serve as a warning to all buyers to be wary of Barratt offers!

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