Dairy Queen in Coos Bay on Cape Arago Hwy.closing early and denying a paying customer service.

On 6-5-18, on my way home I decided to stop into the Dairy Queen on Cape Arago Hwy for a dessert. It was 9:56pm, lights were on, Open sign lit up, customers in lobby and cars still waiting in drive thru. Female worker on head set informs me that they are closed. I said to her but your open sign is still on. She replies that I pulled up right on the dot of them closing and she was sorry and would turn off the sign. I said it's 9:56 and she replied the same thing. Very polite but I didn't realize that she made so much money working there that she could decide to close the store down early. The sign said the store closed at 10:00pm. Now I'm having to travel 15 minutes back into town to give my money to McDonald's for a dessert I didn't want from their business. I think I will also post this on yelp And the Facebook page that advertises crappy service from local Business's in Coos county. I could understand if I pulled up at 10pm or even 10:01, but to turn a customer away before the actual closing time is bad business sense to me. So what is Dairy Queen going to do for me to compensate the embarrassment of being turned away while others were still Being waited on, expense of gas to get to another business, and my valuable time.? Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from someone.
Shawn Richards

Jun 06, 2018

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