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Cymax has awful shipping practices and terrible customer service. I ordered from Cymax because they offered the lowest price for what I was looking for and had free shipping. After I placed my order, I was very surprised to receive an email saying it would be 1 to 2 weeks before the product shipped. Three weeks later, it had still not shipped. I called customer service and was on hold for a half hour. I called back and pressed "1" for PLACING an order and got a customer service representative right away. When I told them I had a question about an existing order, they put me on hold again. I waited 15 minutes before hanging up and calling my credit card company to dispute the charges from Cymax. I never did receive my product -- though they did refund my credit card. After more searching I found the product even cheaper at -- which delivered my product promptly!

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      Apr 30, 2010 - Over charge for return product
    United States

    NEVER buy anthing from this company or you would lose every dime if you return your item. They will charge everything from restocking fee, shipping fee, return shipping fee...just to make sure you'll keep your product even though you are not happy with it.

    I bought a ottman order # VRC121-1847582

    And I wasn't happy with the order so I tried to return it, and here is all fee that I have to pay to return it. It's absolutely absurd !!

    Original Purchase: $ 223.00

    20% Restocking Fee: $ 44.60

    Outgoing Shipping Fee: $ 32.51

    Return Shipping: You will be responsible for this cost

    Total Refund Due: $ 145.89

    That doesn't count the return shipping that I have pay out of my pocket.

    Basically, I'd lose 50% of my money if I return it.


    Stay away from this company !!!

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  • No
      May 08, 2012 - It is impossible to reach their customer service
    United States

    It is impossible to reach their customer service, they make you wait and wait and wait on the phone for hours, they do have a service where you can leave a call-back number to be reached later, but it's very easy to miss that call. Overall, this company provides zero customer service. They don't have an email address for their customer service either! I will not go back to shop here.

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