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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved fraud and lies

I ordered a bed from cymax and did not receive all the parts. When I contacted them, they were very unresponsive. After following up a few days later, they told me that the parts were back ordered and another month or two and that if I wanted to return the bed, they would charge me a re-stocking fee. Horrendous service.

  • Lo
    Lori Amber Mar 16, 2009

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It is just awful how this company has treated you. I probably shouldn’t be sharing this information but I have the Vice Presidents of Cymax Online Stores contact information. I would recommend calling her and complaining directly as the call centre staff is extremely unhelpful, especially the agent by the name of Maureen.

    Shima J.
    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Cymax Stores
    Toll Free. 1-866-740-9830 x.103
    Fax. 1-604.629-4708
    [email protected]

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  • Wt
    WTS Sep 30, 2009

    I agree completely. Unfortunately, I did not see this website until AFTER I ordered furniture from Cymax. I am now in the middle of a horribly, unprofessional experience with Cymax. First, my furniture was delivered with only some of the pieces. Those pieces that arrived were damaged. I refused the order. Now, no one returns my calls and I cannot get in touch with the customer service representative who has been assigned to handle my order.

    Cypress, TX

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  • Sa
    sarahjohnson Dec 29, 2011

    I ordered a desk and everything came in just fine. I thought a part was missing and when I called the manufacturer, they were very helpful. I just placed an order and I wanted to change the shipping address and I was on hold for over an hour wtih Cymax. I had to call Bush (the manufacturer) to try to get a hold of someone at Cymax. I got the number to the account representative. She emailed 6 people for me at Cymax so that they can contact me and I can change the shipping address. This really shouldn't be this difficult.

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  • Sh
    Shuo Wang Sep 14, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On March 11 2016, we placed an order of table set with Cymax store on Amazon for $350. It was delivered around March 20 2016.

    In late April one of the bolts came off from the chair. We assembled it back. A few days after the bolt came off again. We assembled it back again. This kept occurring for a couple of weeks until we realized that the bolt and socket are faulty.

    We contacted the seller Cymax requesting a refund for the defective product. On June 6 2016, Cymax rejected our refund request citing the ’30 days policy for refund’. We had no choice but to accept their offer of a replacement.

    On July 28 2016, Cymax emailed us to confirm that a replacement is to be with us between 29 Jul 2016 and 04 Aug 2016.

    On August 7 2016, we emailed Cymax to enquire the whereabouts of our replacement. Cymax replied that the replacement cannot be processed until September 12th due to back order.

    We complained to Cymax for the poor service we received. Their reply was simply ‘we were not aware of the backorder’

    Now six months later, the product is falling into pieces with other bolts came off. We have received neither the quality of the product nor the service. We kept chasing Cymax for update but all we received is repetitive automated emails.

    As a customer, we feel we have been treated like a fool.

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Resolved condition of product

just found this site.wish i found it before. ordered a dresser and a double from them.both came damaged.put the single dresser together and tried to repair damaged parts. opened the second dresser, a double, and it was in worst shape then the first.I called cymax, the first rep wanted to charge me restocking and shipping fees.i went nuts.the second rep took care of me and got me my money back.i was told that replacement parts were going to be sent to me for the single dresser.So far no parts.I emailed cymax, no reply yet.I thought the customer rep was good and eventually was very helpful, but now she is absent.it's a shame because now i don't have matching pieces and i am hoping the replacement part comes for the one piece i kept, and cannot recommend cymax.

Resolved bad service

I was going to purchase a jewelry box for my daughter, who I know is picky. I made sure I could return the jewelry box if she didn't like it. Cymax had a 30 day return policy. Not exactly. Now i want to return the $46 jewelry box I got that had free outgoing shipping. From the $46 price I paid they deduct $11.50 restocking (even though I didn't even open it -- my daughter rejected it based upon the picture on the box), I have to pay $12.10 outgoing shipping, $12.00 shipping to return it. So effectively I get $10 credited back to my credit card. That is criminal!!

  • Lo
    Lori Amber Mar 16, 2009

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It is just awful how this company has treated you. I probably shouldn’t be sharing this information but I have the Vice Presidents of Cymax Online Stores contact information. I would recommend calling her and complaining directly as the call centre staff is extremely unhelpful, especially the agent by the name of Maureen.

    Shima J.
    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Cymax Stores
    Toll Free. 1-866-740-9830 x.103
    Fax. 1-604.629-4708
    [email protected]

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  • Ka
    KarenSue Oct 07, 2011

    I purchased a platform bed from Cymax on August 22nd, and it is now October 7th and I still don't have a bed. I have spoken with a dozen CSR's Wayne, Stacy, Brenda, John, Richard, Amy, Alec...no one has been able to get me an answer. First they lost the bed, had no proof it was picked up by the shipping company, and no one calls to give me a status. Second, I called to cancel the order, and Brenda (very rude) never cancelled the order she issued a return, how do I return something I don't have?? Third, I was promised two weeks ago it was located and by the end of last week I would be called and a delivery date scheduled and I would have my bed no later than this Friday (today Oct. 7th) and I just got off the phone with Britanee and Alec and they still don't know where the bed is AND wont cancel my order and give me a full refund. I have spent hours on hold listening to how great their customer service is...NO WAY! This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had!

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  • Ba
    bayratt Nov 16, 2011

    I have a story with them as well. Waiting to be resolved because I don't want to be shat on for a nasty review. But basically it is along the same lines. My order which was supposed to consist of 2 boxes only came with one (completely unfunctional without the main piece). Ordered 10/10/11, received 10/28 only 1 box (which by the way was delivered by 3 people you wouldn't want to cross on any street in a budget rent-a-truck). Manufacturer claims to have given both boxes to shipper, so it seems the underlying problem is this shady shipping company 'Home Delivery.' The fact that Cymax has horrible customer service, never gives a clean answer, and takes weeks to respond (I have emails from supervisors where I can show you they just completely ignored me after a couple of back and forths). Definitely not worth the savings vs. going to a local store or reputable online company. The discount is definitely due to the thin and unresponsive staff and horrible choice in shipping company. After this second box is delivered (supposedly next week after cymax finally caved and re-ordered) I am going straight to any 'leadership' I can find in Cymax (internet searches show an Arash Fasihi, but I will also write to the above mentioned Shima). I will post updates here.

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Resolved defective loveseat

I ordered and recently received a recliner love seat from Cymax Stores. The love seat was defective which I found out about shortly after delivery. The delivery men had already left.

One side of the love seat wouldn't lock down after reclining I immediately called Cymax and spoke to a specialist. She advised me the defective love seat would be picked up and a new one delivered to me.

About 2 weeks later, I received a large, heavy package from Catnapper (manufacturer). The packing slip said it was the mechanical mechanism for the recliner.

I contacted the specialist again (ReneeL) and asked her when someone was coming by to fix the recliner and denied she had ever told me I would receive a new recliner when I questioned her about that. She said I should contact a handyman to put it together since I am saying I can't do it myself!!

Oh, and I would have to pay for the handyman myself.

I contacted them again today. I spoke with (Nathanial). Renee was too busy to speak with me. I told him to pick up the recliner and the heavy package and return my money.

He said a return specialist would contact me within 24 hours. Another run around, I'm sure. This has been going on for over a month.

This is a sleazy company. I am considering a charge back and putting the merchandize in my garage waiting for them.


I am thinking of doing a charge back.

  • No
    Noname Feb 17, 2009

    I don't know who you are referring to. I recently placed an order with Cymax and yes there were problems with it. I spoke to the customer service agent you spoke with and he was really helpful. He did all he could and more so.

    UPS lost my package and originally Cymax was going to wait for the results of a trace request. I told the nice man I spoke to that I needed it as soon as possible. He was sympathetic and convinced the manufacturer to send out a new one right away. Normally they don't do this but Nathanial really pushed hard for me. In the end I got my product.

    In short, I don't agree with this. It seems like one small isolated incident.

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  • No
    Noname Feb 17, 2009

    I spoke with Renee. I remember her. She had a very sweet voice and listened to me even though I pratically yelled at her for 20 mins. After I was done though she was still very helpful and didn't sound angry at me at all. It was very nice to vent and I never got a chance to apologize. She had sent me a tracking number and it got filtered into my spam folder. I yelled at her (which now I'm embarassed about), but once I gave her a chance to speak she not only sent it again but read the tracking number to me on the phone. She was really nice. You shouldn't be angry at people when you are just irritable that you don't like your couch.

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  • Lo
    Lori Amber Mar 16, 2009

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It is just awful how this company has treated you. I probably shouldn’t be sharing this information but I have the Vice Presidents of Cymax Online Stores contact information. I would recommend calling her and complaining directly as the call centre staff is extremely unhelpful, especially the agent by the name of Maureen.

    Shima J.
    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Cymax Stores
    Toll Free. 1-866-740-9830 x.103
    Fax. 1-604.629-4708
    [email protected]

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Resolved non delivery of item

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM, THEY ARE FRAUDS! I purchased and paid for a very expensive bed back at the beginning of November from this company. Originally everything was fine. They shipped a lot later than indicated in their website but at least it got shipped. When the item arrived at my home the whole headboard was cracked from top to bottom. This was a huge piece of furniture-almost 7' tall & weighing over 200 lb. The drivers of the truck refused to take the item off the truck even though Cymax told me I had to keep the item in order to get it replaced. I had to climb in the truck to take pictures to email to Cymax & then the papwerwork the driver gave me fraudulently stated that I "refused delivery" which I did not. I changed his paperwork to state that the driver would not take the item off the truck due to it being damaged. Anyway, after hours on the phone wrangling with both Cymax & Home Direct-their shipping company, the drivers took the damaged bed back with them & left me the intact pieces-footboard, side rails, etc. Supposedly Cymax ordered a new headboad. I was notified a few weeks later via email that the replacement had shipped. When I went online to check the status of the shipment & noticed that they had shipped a footboard, not the headboard which was damaged. I immediately notified Cymax & found out that yes, they had reshipped the wrong item. I was assured that the correct item would be reordered but now that weeks have gone by there is no communication, no indication of a replacement coming. They have had my $2060 for almost 3 months. I have requested a cancellation to the order & a refund of my money. They are beating around the bush & saying that may not be possible, etc. etc. Is there any type of legal action that can be taken in a situation like this?

  • Ga
    GATICA Apr 20, 2011

    I agree they are a fraud company!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! They are extremely rude, they don't deliver what they promise. I bought a bed back in February, and never arrived by the time they have promise. I called about ten times and they always blame the manufacture, they said that the order was correct but it wasn't their fault and that i had two chices...1 was to cancel my order, and 2 that I had to deal with it and wait!. I was furious by the II way that this manager was treating me. o told this person that I wanted my bed!! and hang up the phone. Two weeks later I check my email and it said that the order has been cancel. And the worst part was that the order said that the customer wanted to cancel the order!!! THIS COMPANY SUCKS, BE AWARE EVERYONE THEY DON'T DELIVER, THEY ARE VERY IRESPONSIBLE

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Resolved ripped off

I ordered a bed from Cymax in June, they charged me $1899.00 for it. I finally received delivery at the end of July to find that the headboard was damaged. they again sent another headboard 6 weeks later that was the wrong finish, and damaged also. the 3rd headboard arrived the end of September and it also was damaged. At that point I requested that I wanted to return the whole bed. They would not let me. I could only return the damaged headboard.

In Novemeber they offered me a $863.00 refund on a bed I never received.

This company should be put out of business. It is a total ripoff to the consumer and since they are in Vancouver Canada BUYER BEWARE.

Resolved defective merchandise

Purchased TV cabinet. Arrived with 5 damaged parts. Cymax said to contact manufacturer which is same company as Cymax! Still no parts, no delivery date, nothing. Cymax is a front for reselling defective, poorly made, cheap, inferior furniture manufactured in China. Cymax has dozens of websites selling this stuff, all of which go to the same boiler-room call center. This company thrives on ripping people off, lying, and cheating. DO NOT BUY FROM CYMAX!

  • Vi
    Vickey Jan 24, 2009

    Cymax is definitely cheating and (I don't why) Google is helping them cheat people.
    My feedback for my purchase was trimmed by Google ( I did a Google checkout).
    In my original comment I had said 'ONLINE SHOPPING of FURNITURE is a bad Idea'.

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Resolved recieved inferior product/not what I ordered

I ordered an electric fireplace that included
Multi-Function "slim-line" Remote Control
Heat – On/off button toggles heat between the highest setting and off
Standby – Switches all functions on or off to the previous setting
Volume – Up/down controls the 5 volume levels
Flame – Up/down controls for the 5 brightness settings
Crackle – Three settings: crackle and wind, crackle only, and sound off
Embers – Toggles the rolling ember effect on/off
Sparks – Toggles the sparks on/off
Firebox Dimensions: 23.62"w x 20"h x 10"d
Viewable Area: 21"w x 15"h
Black frame glass front face

The one I got had one setting for flame and one for heat that is it, I could have gotten that down the street, they told me I got what I ordered it is false advertising, I am waiting for a call now to see what they are going to do about it

Resolved awful everything

I ordered a set of bar stools from this retailer and it took them 3 months to ship the order. When it arrived...

Resolved rip off

I ordered a bunk bed that came broken. Cymaxstores.com refused the return, claiming the item was not broken. However it was broken in several places. Then they offered to refund me $62.00 on a $1400.00 purchase, charging me $1100 in returned shipping fees. I have never heard of such a thing in my life. They have the worst customer service and business ethics that I've ever endured in my entire lifetime. They are literally trying to steal from me and lie to me. I highly recommend that you make your furniture purchases elsewhere. People can not afford this type of consumer abuse.

Resolved awful company

I am still shaking from just thinking about this company. I am an interior designer and have ordered from...

Resolved awful company

I have never posted anything like this before but this company has made me so angry I had to do something. I...

bad service/delivery information

There was a moment that I could claim to have placed and order FAIRLY RECENTLY from Cymax.com. But no more. We placed the order in May 2008 - It is now the end of July, almost August, and still no delivery.

In May when we placed our order the item was listed as on "back order" and the shipment date was June 30th. We waited and come June 30th, WE HAD TO CALL THEM to find out that we would NOT be receiving the bar and that we should now be expecting it in the next shipment scheduled for July 31st.

Well, it is about that time and we decided to call again just to check on the order - NOPE - again we got pushed back into what they claim to be the next shipment scheduled for August 20th.

Customer Service has nothing to do for us or say to us other than they are sorry but our order did not make this shipment.

I will never order from CYMAX again - BAD BUSINESS

  • Li
    lisa Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a very similar experience with Cymax. I ordered a coffee table and two end tables on May 26, 2008. I also had to call customer service when my order did not arrive in the time specified. After many phone calls, emails, and cancellation requests on my part I have still not received a refund (it is now July 30, 2008). I have filed a complaint with the BBB and will continue to fight to get my money back. This has been a HORRIBLE experience and would not recommed Cymax to my worst enemy.

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  • Bo
    Bob Aug 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Many people claim that they have been scammed by Cymax Stores, Inc. according to numerous reports filed on [/link removed/ [redacted].com] and [http://cymax-stores.pissedconsumer.com/ Pissed Consumer.com].<ref>/URL removed/</ref><ref>http://cymax-stores.pissedconsumer.com/</ref> For example, [/URL removed/ this] report states that what started as a simple online furniture order, quickly turned into a what this particular consumer deems, a "4 month arduous process", involving numerous packages of damaged and nonrefundable goods, and resolution only occurring after bank and credit card companies were involved in the dispute.<ref>/URL removed/</ref> A simple Google search of "Cymax Stores" yields numerous results of reports from unhappy consumers that put the reputation of Cymax Stores, Inc. as a legitimate business in question. Additionally, it should be noted that these reports are all very similar in nature, and as [/URL removed/ this] customer warns in her report, "please check out this companies MANY complaints online before purchasing any product" (par. 2).<ref>/URL removed/</ref> Finally, it should be noted that the [[Better Business Bureau]], in its report of Cymax Stores, Inc., states that Cymax Stores, Inc. has an "unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to failure to respond to one or more complaints [and/or has] two or more otherwise unresolved complaints. " Further adding, "the BBB processed a total of 39 complaints about this company in the last 36 months." <ref>http://mainlandbc.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=137&bbb=0037&firm=1227268</ref>

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  • Ca
    Carla Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    The complainers above need to get a eta on their delivery and then check with the provider..sometimes it is out of their control. Ashley furniture has a awful reputation for slow delivery. I do NOT believe Cymax would intentionally try to "Scam" you...LOL You just need to follow your order more carefully!


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  • Jk
    Jkale May 01, 2009

    Cymax has good prices and if your product arrives undamaged everything is great. But IF your product is damaged in delivery watch out. Cymax tells you to write any damage on the shipping form, but if the carrier does not allow you to inspect the product (ABF) then you are supposed to say that on the invoice and inspect ASAP. But if the carrier does not allow you to do that either (as in my case - all ABF allowed me to write on the invoice was my signature), then basically if something is wrong with the product you are screwed.
    I ordered a daybed via cymax and when it arrived the headboard had a small 6" crack at the top of it. Which granted could have been far worse but for $500 one should not have anything wrong with the product. In any case, which we are pretty sure is something that happened in shipping (ABF is a crappy carrier). ABF (of course) claims they are innocent and cymax will not send me a replacement due to there not being any damage noted on the shipping invoice. They want me to re-buy the headboard at a "discounted" rate, or send the whole thing back (I pay shipping and a 'restocking' fee)...yeah right.
    I have a feeling I'll be off to home depot to attempt to repair this crack to the best of my ability. I will not use cymax again under any circumstances. This is my first, and last purchase from this company.

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  • No
    not to pleased Jun 04, 2009

    I too am having a problem with getting my order in a timely matter. I have never had such an issue with any other store, (and I do a lot of shopping). I have ordered a swing for my baby. By the time i get it I will no longer need it lol. I keep recieving new dates that my order will arrive and now I have been told that it is on back order, something they could have told me a few weeks ago. I do hope that I recieve it soon. I will never order from this store again.

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Resolved my bad experience

I ordered a TV Stand from Cymax for a trade show in Las Vegas. I authorized overnight shipping and told them I needed it delivered before the trade show or not at all.

This was too much for them to handle.

I never received the stand and they charged me $102.79 for their mistake.

Their response (abridged):

----- Original Message ----

From: Ramona H

Sent: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 11:15:44 PM

Subject: RE: Your Cymax Stores Order VRC121-49

"We have done everything we can to assist you with this order."

"No further credit is due at this time."


  • Ch
    Chris Jul 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    date Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 8:55 AM
    subject Your Cymax Stores Order VRC121-594395
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your order with Cymax Stores. We have recently received information that the Sanus TV-LCDB TV LCD TURNTABLE you ordered may be on back order until approximately July/25/2008. Tracking for your item should be available 24-48 business hours after that date. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your place in the queue for this item has been reserved, and we will provide you with a tracking number immediately should the item become available sooner than anticipated.

    Thank you,


    Cymax Stores Inc.
    date Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 6:04 PM
    subject Re: Your Cymax Stores Order VRC121-???395 (omit for security reason)
    mailed-by gmail.com

    hide details 6:04 PM (19 hours ago)



    What's the status on my order?

    I called before placing the order many weeks ago (July 1, 2008), I was told that it was in-stock before the order was placed.

    I never receive any status on the order even though I repeatly calling and it was answered via different agent, still got no answer. Is this common to all your customers?

    Your order is complete. Thank you.
    Your Order # : VRC121-594395
    Order Date: Jul 1, 2008 17:41:32 PM
    Please note that this transaction will appear on your credit card statement as CymaxStores.
    Billing Address

    Shipping Address

    Payment Details
    Credit Card
    08 / 2008

    Order Summary
    Description Quantity Unit Price Sub Total
    Shipping: Ground Shipping (Free!)
    1 $34.99 $34.99
    Sub Total
    Sales Tax

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