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no delivery

I ordered chair that was to be delivered before July 16.By July 30 I emailed them and they kept saying that delivery attempts had been made and I'd refused the chair. TOTALLY untrue. I'd never heard from them.I canceled the order at that time. Then, 45 days after order, they showed up on my doorstep to deliver. I did refuse the chair since I'd canceled the order. They said that made it a delivery and so they would bill as a return and charged freight both ways and a restocking fee for a chair they never delivered.

don't count on timely delivery

Decent prices; polite employees. Even though we asked them to hold shipment and release it on a certain date, they dropped the ball and only released the shipment when I called. I guess it still would not be released if I hadn't called. Also, and more important, they don't tell you that shipments that originate in Canada might take 2-3 weeks. I've been waiting about 10 days for shipment to Chicago and it will be about another week according to UPS. When you call CYMAX they are all so nice - great training - but all you get is an "I'm sorry" Nothing more. So, be warned.

bait & switch

I was on a Sears website and purchased a Table from Sears.com. After my credit card had been credited, Sears informed me that I had bought the table from Cymax. The table arrived timely, but the marbletopwas mared.
I sent both cymax and Sears a picture of the problem. Cymax would not acknowledge receipt of the picture. Sears promised to repay me for the table and the cost of returning it. Sears would not place that in writing either. Cymax states on it's web site that they do not collect salestax on items shipped in the United States. Do they not have a resale number. Sears denies that I bought the item from them and that no Sears warranties apply, but they charged me salestax and took my money. Can you collect sales tax on an item you did not sell? And can you sale an item retail without having a retail permit?

bait & switch

inflexable unreasonable refund policy

BEWARE! BEWARE! BAD COMPANY! BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU’RE GOING TO ORDER FROM THIS CANADIAN COMPANY! I ordered a furniture item based upon the picture on their website. We all know that different PC monitors show colors differently. The item was displayed with a nice Golden/ Yellow wood grain. No information was available for samples so based on the picture I placed the order. You can guess what came; dark brown furniture; no Golden/ Yellow color. I contacted Cymax’s customer service. They explained that the item comes to me directly from the manufacturer. I told them if the color was slightly off there wouldn’t be a problem, but the color was way off. They had me take pictures and send them to them. They sent the pictures to the manufacturer. The manufacturer said “colors will most likely not match posted display pictures”, and that “free samples are available before a purchase is made, and many of our distributors post a notice next to the photo that free samples are available”. Cymax does NOT post this notice. The manufacturer leaves it up to Cymax to make a proper posting. Cymax leaves it up to the manufacturer to determine if a full refund (including shipping) is in order. The manufacturer says that they sent the correct ordered product. Cymax says that they (Cymax) will refund me less a re-stocking fee, their outgoing shipping cost, and I would have to pay for the return shipping. These people are nuts!!! - Between CYMAX lack of awareness, and the Manufacturers poor color match, we the consumers should not be penalized

inflexable unreasonable refund policy
inflexable unreasonable refund policy

shipping nightmare

Ordered night stand in late May 2010. Order was cancelled by Cymax after credit card was charged. Eventually shipped product. Product arrived and appeared as though it had been rolled to MN from where ever it came from. Product damage. Cymax ordered replacement, we think, claimed it was delivered in early July, but no delivery notice and was supposedly delivered wile were on vacation. Got credit card company involved. Cymax investigated. Cymax called and agreed to refund our money, cancel relationship. Refunded money promptly. Cymax sent email confirming refund and cancellation. Two weeks later we received an email indicating that a replacement item had been ordered and shipping information would be sent shortly. Responded to email and copied person who had sent cancellation confirmation. Received three emails confirming that order was cancelled and apologizing for mistake. Received email two hours later indicating that another replacement had been ordered. We're done with them. We're not sure if we'll get 0, 1, or 2 night stands in the next few weeks. And we will fight any charges to our credit card from this company.

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unfair business practice

I will never again shop with Cymax. 1. this is Canadian company, owned by UAE citizens and which target...

return policy

This company gives free shipping - great? But if you need to reurn an item they rake you over the coals. When the item you get is not the item described why is that my fault???? Will never do business with this company again.
Original Purchase: $266.00
Restocking Fee: $53.20
Outgoing Shipping Fee: $15.15
Return Shipping: You will be responsible for this cost
Total Refund Due: $197.65

  • Me
    Merci Bustos Jan 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also got ripped off by Cynmax return policy... I ordered a large Coaster TV/ Media Console for $400 and free shipping and it came in a flat box on January 2012... Clearly NOT what I discussed with my salesman... "only some minor assembly is what he described"... so I refused the delivery and now they only want to give me back $51. This is BS!!! Will never buy from them again, nor from any other online furniture store... pissed off in Carlsbad California.
    Original Purchase $403.83
    20% Restocking fee $80.77
    Outgoing Shipping fee $135.55
    Return Shipping $135.55 (if refused)
    Total Refund Due $51.96

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sent item I had cancelled. no response for refund or pick-up

I had cancelled my order with them on the same day the order was placed as I found it cheaper elsewhere. They sent it anyway thtough UPS and left it on my front door without my acceptance. They agreed to deduct the difference and said that confirmation would be emailed. I never received the confirmation, no reply on phone calls or emailed complaints. I have requested a pick-up and refund with absolutely no responses. My credit card has been charged. I cannot believe the shadiness of this company.

I had taken delivery of the cheaper order. I had no confirmation from Cymax. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

  • Tr
    trbocat Aug 24, 2010

    Ditto, except mine was shipped 12 days after I canceled it per their instructions. My item was out-of-stock, so I ordered from a different company after I canceled with Cymax. It ended up costing me about 75% of my $205 order just to send back something they shipped in error. Fully read their response to other customers that starts "Dear Shopper, We regret that your shopping experience with Cymax did not meet your expectations. Cymax is a drop-ship company...", and is found on other review sites, so you know what type of company you're dealing with.

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backorder nightmare

Backorder nightmare, was not allowed you to cancel. Zero customer service, by far the worst communication...I've experienced better business practices from third world countries!! Ripped me off to the tune of $419 and I have nothing to show for it accept a nightmare of an experience.

Gross miscalculation twice on their part for a shipping date. I even received an e-mail from a supervisor in customer service admitting their mistake and apologizing for the inconvenience, however, my money was not going to be refunded.

I was advised by the customer service supervisor to accept the item anyway and sell it on Craigslist!!!

I fully intend to file a claim in court because they clearly believe that the consumer is at the mercy of their folly. I understand mistakes happen, however, it is their lack of integrity in resolving the issue that I find unacceptable.

4 weeks late delivered damaged won't refund

I ordered an outdoor patio sofa. 4 weeks past the delivery date it finally arrived, with every single leg broken off. I refused to sign for the shipment. Cymax will not refund my money. They cannot deliver a replacement until fall, too late to use it for the summer when I needed it. Even if they do replace it, they are charging me a "restocking fee" for the broken sofa and a return shipping fee. Like an idiot, I paid with Paypal. They will not help with a resolution because I waited until 45 days after the charge date, because of the delayed shipping. Cymax took my money out of Paypal on day one. I should have paid with American Express, they would have removed the charges immediately. I am out a significant sum of money and have nothing to show for it and no recourse available. Paypal is convenient, but won't support you like a credit card company.

they never shipped my item or responded to my requests for help

I ordered an item on 5/15. After numerous calls, they said it would be shipped on 5/28. When it wasn't, I called. I had to call 3x and none of the staff returned my calls after they said they'd find out the status. Every email I sent was responded to with a survey only. When I tried to cancel, they told me I couldn't; that I had to get confirmation from the mfr that they hadn't shipped. The manufacturer never returned their calls apparently either. I finally was able to cancel on 6/3.

lousy customer service

If I had known about all the complaints to this company, I would not have dealt with them at all.

I ordered a sectional sofa set from Cymax in March, the sales person was very courteous. The sofa set came after more than 3 weeks. I was so excited it finally came. I had to unwrap the package since the delivery guys refused to do it. The sofa set came in 4 pieces. One piece was a wrong item, one piece had different color than the other 3, one piece had a 2-inch cut through the leather with inside material exposed. So only one piece was good!!

I sent email with pictures about the problem to the sales person and to the guy at replacement department. I called a few times and sent email requesting replacement shipping date. I was promised 3 times that the replacement guy would call me back the same day that I called, but all were just lies.

Eventually 12 days later, I received email from the replacement guy that 2 pieces would be replaced. The piece with a 2-in cut was still under investigation. There was no mention about replacement schedule!!!

I called the credit card company to cancel the charge. Itwas a horrible experience to deal with this company.

product cannot be assembled, company will not accept responsibility

Bought Twin platform storage bed from Cymax Stores on line. Bed manufacturer was Prepac. Bed arrived and when attempted to assemble found that predrilled holes were too large to hold locking nuts. Company suggested I put on side and hold nuts in place until screw placed. This was ridiculous because nuts were in center of three way bed frame and could not be placed on side. They refused to accept this even though I emailed their instructions with diagram showing it could not be done. Then Cymax refused to refund without 30% charge for restocking because Prepac would not accept their responsibility. Both companies should be avoided at all costs.

defective product

The first TV Console came to us defective. We had to take pictures and call daily to get any response. We did get Cymax to send another Console. The second one arrived also defective. We emailed and called for over one month. We stayed very positve and courteous throughout the month and finally the Cymax did refund our Total amount. We did not have a restocking fee or have to pay shipping. It took alot of communication but it did pay off. We also used PayPAl but they did not help at all in the process. They actually closed the case and found in the favor of Cymax. Thankfully Cymax did do the right thing but it took alot of patience and cooperation.

refuse to cancel my order

First I ordered an item and only found out that it was no longer available becauses Paypal notified me. then I re-ordered a similar item. After 5 days I called to find out the status. Only then did they tell me the item was not in stock and they didn't know when it would be available.

I called customer service to cancel. the next day they said it was only a request and refused to cancel. I was then told that once it was delivered I was to return it and pay a restocking fee. This is a horrible company. They should not be in business.

bad business practices

I purchase of sofa and the color was not even close to the color I received. Like all the other complaints, it was *** to contact a live voice when returning this item.

This company has "all" intentions of keeping your money. Contact your credit card company and let them know that you returned your item (send your item Fed-Ex or UPs so that you have a tracking proof number) and the situation. They will then start an investigation and when they have enough proof, they will "red flag" this company, so other customers will not get taken. Lets free the American People from another crook.

complete savings scam

In December I ordered two X Rocker Chairs from these scammers at Cymax Stores and low and behold two weeks later I began to get billed for $12.00 a month on my credit card by some company named Complete Savings. Do not order anything from Cymax Stores they are not to be trusted with your credit card info.

  • Ma
    Maryo Feb 22, 2010


    I just read your post and want to give you an official response on behalf of our company. It’s important to me that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved. If you have questions or feedback, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-826-1885. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at [email protected] If you contact me directly, please reference this post.


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delayed shipment and missing pieces

After being told from the sales rep that my order would ship in 8-10 days, I waited more than 4 weeks before calling...only to learn that my shipment was on backorder and this was not communicated to me nor was that anywhere on my status page via my logon. Then, after waiting another 4 weeks, my daughter's new bed arrives. Only...the footboard and posts are missing! So, we have half a bed sitting in the middle of her room. It has been two weeks since the bed arrived and we still have no response from Cymax regarding where the footboard and posts are or if/when we will receive them.

I find this very unacceptable. I called today to speak with a supervisor and they won't even let you speak with one.

They are a disgrace.

bad company to deal with

I placed an order for a sofa table wtih cymaxstores.com. on a Friday and on Sunday I faxed a cancellation to them (received confirmation). I emailed them (received confirmation). I phoned them several, several times, but no one would answer the phone. All this was done within the cancellation frame time. When we finally talked to someone, instead of cancelling the order, they shipped the order and charged my account. Please investigate and read reviews before making a decision to purchase from Cymax! According to the personnel at Cymax, we are all whiners! Very bad company to deal with.

  • Vr
    vryng Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got the complaint too late. I purchased an item from SEARS.COM. Sears took my money and then threw me to the wolves. (Cymax) Cymax does not collect sales tax on items shipped in the US. Sears took my money and chartged me sales tax. The item did arrive timely. A beautifil marble table. But the surface was mared. You can not trust Sears either. I am going to see if I have legal recourse. Not a bait and switch item, but a bait and switch company.

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fradulent company

Cymax is a fraudulent company perpetrating fraud on unwitting consumers.

I ordered an item which was damaged when I received it 11 days later. I was told a replacement item would arrive within 10 business days. A replacement was never received. I was also told that if their carrier did not pickup the damaged item within 10 days to dispose of the item. I disposed of the damaged item 16 later...still no replacement...still no refund...

I've disputed the charge with my credit card company and also filed a complaint with the Canadian Better Business Bureau.

The president of the company is Arash Fasihi. I recommend a class action lawsuit againt Mr. Fasihi and his fradulent company.


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