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Yesterday, 27 jan 2017 I went into my cvs in fajardo to get my prescription for synthriod a medication that I need for life. I refused to put my driver's license on the receipt since this may lead to identity theft which I already experienced. The pharmacist refused to give me my medication if I did not put my license on the receipt. She stated it was a requirement of my insurance company and they would not get paid. I had already paid for the medication and other items and she refused to give me the items when I again requested them and refused a refund, she raised her voice to me and I asked her to lower her voice. She stated that was her normal tone of voice. . I told her I would call the police and left. I instead called my insurance company and verified that what the pharmacist stated was not true the only requirement they had was paying the deductible, that is it. I filed a complaint with the insurance company. I am a federal employee.

Jan 28, 2017

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