CVS Pharmacy / automated calling system

Lubbock, TX, United States Review updated:

This is the second time I have had to deal with the automated prescription calling system. First time was with my phone, I kept receiving calls saying my prescription was ready but it wasn't mine. I had to threaten a law suit to get my number removed. Today my daughter starting receiving calls, so I called the local pharmacy and was told to call corporate because they could not remove my daughters number even though they sat it up and she is 10 with no prescriptions. So now I have to call CVS corporate on my time during their hours to remove my number from a list they sat up without my permission. I say this is gross harrassement. I will no longer shop CVS due to the simple fact that the system they utilize is a neusance not only to me but as the pharmacist states to him as well. Good Bye and good ridence CVS.

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