CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / the pharmacies at store 4495 uchenna ndulaka refuse to call doctor to fill my new medicine.

My pain management dr. Change my medication due to my condition worsening. I will be having neck and back surgery very soon but in the mean time to control the pain the have incorporated pain shots and my meds were changed. The man say I have to wait until my tramadol is gone?? What do you mean gone the no longer work! Why is it that this uchenna ndulaka at [protected] not just call the dr. Office?? What right does he have to say that I have to continue to take this medication and wait 2 weeks before I can get the new meds!! Who the hell is he??? He is not my doctor as a matter of fact hes not a doctor at all!! I think this man has totally over steps his authority!! He thinks hes a doctor!! This man just needs to call the real doctor and follow her instruction. I am going to sue your company if I have to take more of a medication that doesn't work anymore. Why do I have to stay in pain? And why is he not calling my doctor office?? Why do I have to wait 2 weeks? My new meds may be from the same class of drugs but the dosage are different. Im being discriminated against due to my disability!

Jun 05, 2018

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