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I recently fractured my back, and its all down my legs, the pain is unbearable and I count on cvs not to lie to me. I turned my script of norcos in over a week ago and I ask them when it would be ready, the employee said it would be ready on the 27th of Nov. I said fine that's the day I will run out of every thing I have. Well I ran out a couple of days early, and those 2 days were the most painfull 2 days ive ever spent. I just couldn't wait for that day to come. Well, I drove up to the window, actually my ihss helper drove up to the window, and this employee informed me that it wasn't ready because they ran out and had to reorder them. I said, look, I brought this script in a week ago, and you promised that you will fill it. she says theres no way to tell us whos first in line or whos last, I said the script has dates on it that you promised to have it ready. she then says to me from the microphone "If you don't like our service then go somewhere else. I said instead of acting like a bully and being rude, why don't you just be civil and act like im the customer and your the provider. so then she said ok thank your for your visit. I then turned to my helper and said take me around front im going inside, she must have heard me and went straight to her boss and lied about her version. when I got inside, I finally got to talk to the supervisior, after maybe 5 mins of waiting. the first this she did was try to defend her employee and ask me, what do you want from me. I said, since your the person who trains these people, I want you to retrain them. she then said look if you want to you CAN go somewhere else if you want. I said you and I know that theres no other place that will take new orders. she said well you can go to the other cvs but I guess that's a little far huh? I said I don't even have a car, yes that would be a little bit hard on me. I then said look, if you are hell bent on telling customers to go somewhere else, I am sure I can help you. I have a radio show, and I can announce it every week im on and im sure they will go where they are wanted, she said no that's not what I want, I said it sure looks like it by your remarks until you found out that I have this program. Isnt that always the case, they are nasty until they figure some one can give them the same treatment they give out, cowards and hyprocrites.

Nov 27, 2017

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