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1.0 star rating11/22/2017
One of the worst companies I've ever experienced.

I take a medication for arthritis that without which I wind up not being able to walk within one month of stopping said medication. Dr has tried other meds, but they do not work.

Interestingly I am forced to use these clowns based on my employers "healthcare", and I use that term loosely, plan.

Every refill is denied and prior authorization is denied as well, leaving me to battle forward. Of greater interest is a situation where in August of 2017 a 90 rx refill was denied as usual, and my physician faught for me to get prior authorization for this medication for a full year. However when I went for a refill, I was again denied. When I called Caremark I was at first told I had no prior authorization, which was an outright LIE on the part of the representative. When I pressed that representative further, the prior authorization magically appeared, but guess what? It was for 90 days instead of the year my doctor was told.

This company is a FRAUD. Their actions are FRAUDULENT and they only care about being able to deny the medications that folks need so they can charge retail prices. Honestly these actions in my mind are bordering on being criminal. The public as a result has no recourse as we are being forced to use corrupt and life threatening companies such as Caremark.

Fortunately there is somewhat of a limited answer. Through some additional research I found my med at a local Costco for a somewhat reasonable price, so at least I won't be crippled.

Caremark take my word on this one: from here out I am taking ALL of my business to Costco. I am filing a complaint with the state insurance commissioner with regard to the disappearing prior authorization. I am also filing additional complaints regarding the prior authorization coverage date, which was changed from one year to 90 days intentionally.

Given I can still make a change for the next calendar year, I am dropping your plan.

I will post my experience of your FRAUDULENT actions to every web site I can.

In summary this company is a FRAUD, and only wants to deny you the medication you need, all the while HAPPILY taking your hard earned money for their "perscription" plan, and after each every denial offering to sell you the medication at FULL price.

Shame on you Caremark, and you and retail ripoff pharmacies should be put out of business!

Nov 23, 2017

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