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Combie Road, Auburn CA, United States

I am not sure why this pharmacy has so many issues, There is not a RX that my doctor sends that there has not been an issue with. I take Noro which is a controlled medication, I have a contract with my doctor that I get my RX from her and they have to be filled at the same location. Which is the one above, I no longer live close to this location. Since they never fill on time, I have to call. Just like right now I am on hold waiting for someone to answer I am going on 27: 39 min. AT 35 min I have hung up. Last month the same thing happened, I wanted to make sure that it had been filled when I got there of course my Rx was not filled. I was told it would be another hour I was late for work by 30 min waiting for this. When I asked "why" the girl behind the counter thought she would be cute and start yelling at me (I do mean yelling) about how behind they are and that of course they did not answer, they did not have the time nor staff to answer the calls. Why is that my problem? The night before this, I had called in which they did answer and I was told I could not pick it up until the next morning, when I got there I told this young lady that I should have a RX waiting. She told me, "no" "you don't, I said I called last night.. she cut me off spun the cash register around and said,"do you see it on here". She pissed me off pretty badly enough that she was lucky I did not snatch her ass across the counter. The Pharmacist when asked about it, said,"Yeah I saw it this morning." (The same Pharmacist that 3 months ago while visiting my children in Texas I had to fly back here to get my RX straightened, out all because she did not know there was a 2nd computer screen to look at. You should try calling maybe you can see what your customers go there here is the number [protected]. Now I am out of my medications and I have to drive 25 miles right now in the middle of my work day. I bet it is not ready and I have to wait an hour. Which is not tolerable. Are you going to pay me for my time and aggravation of having to put up with this girl who needs an attitude adjustment. Maybe if she got some customer service skills this would not be a complaint, but more of understanding, Customer Service politeness!!!. My apt with my dr is next month I do not have insurance and pay out of pocket. I will request a new contract and go to Riteaid. This is ridiculous!!!

Feb 7, 2019

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