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Mililani, HI, United States

1. Pharmacist at the Ainamakua Dr. location in Mililani, HI wasted my time by requesting my doc make corrections to a prescription not once, but twice, when they could have / should have pointed out all the errors on first inspection. I have to travel 40+ minutes each time I need to obtain and updated/corrected prescription.

**and please note: the prescriptions I had been bringing in - that were being filled WITHOUT PROBLEMS - were the exact same as they had ALWAYS BEEN until a particular male pharmacist decided various aspects of the Rx were no longer correct. I FULLY UNDERSTAND that state requirements for Rx's (particularly controlled substances) may change over time. But for the pharmacy manager to tell me that it is my DOCTOR'S ISSUE (ie, insinuating that he is somehow incompetent) is RIDICULOUS. He did not change his Rx (one that had been being filled without issue by other CVS locations). It was this location that refused to fill. That does NOT constitute his incompetence. To insinuate such is simply RUDE.

2. This CVS location informed me (same male pharmacist, I believe) that 90-day Rx's are not allowed by State Law which has required me to book monthly appointments with my doctor for medications that I have been taking (same med, dose, frequency) for well over a year. If I hadn't talked to a friend who gets his medications filled at Walgreen's I would never have known that this 30-day limit is a complete and utter LIE!!!

I will be switching to filling meds at Walgreen's if this situation (this pharmacy / pharmacist) do not stop their discriminatory practices against me. For the record: my friend is a WHITE MALE. Wonder if that makes any difference in how we are treated??

Oct 22, 2018

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