CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthmupirocin and amoxicillin

S Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

Ok On the way home from my 1 yr olds doctor we decided to stop and get her medicine so she can take it as quick as possible to feel better. I knew as soon as I walked in there was going to be a issue cause there was a long line and every person ahead of me had some sort of problem. I got to the register and the pharmacist says the insurance won't cover so sit so they can contact the doctor than on the loud speaker I was called for the antibodics cause that was covered by the insurance so I lined up again and got that. When I got back to the register I personally called the doctor myself and he wanted to speak to the pharmacist on call which the lady says no he needs to call us. So the doctor went on his computer and responded to the pharmacy's request so I told the pharmacy that and they say well we didn't receive anything. I sat back down another 25 minutes and finally got mad and called the doctor and as I'm on the phone with the doctor I can hear on his other line the music to cvs playing meaning he was trying to call them. The pharmacist WOULD not pick up the phone so I stated are you going to answer your phone cause you wanted the doctor to call and your not answering so she decided to wait till she was ready to answer which the phone stopped ringing and after the voicemail was heard 20 minutes later they finally say you can come in line cause we got a different brand meds so I got back in line and than they rang me up which I feel that was totally bad service and the situation could of been done differently. They need to put people back there that enjoy their jobs not people that don't care about the health of another person! During all this the baby was restless and sick and wanted to leave! Worst nightmare maybe people need to think twice before they go to 2440 Hamburg turnpike CVS in Wayne

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