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At the CVS pharmacy on 100 S Douglas Blvd., Midwest City, Oklahoma, I tried to get medication refilled, it's ready for days and no one called or contacted with texting??? I could not go long without the drug... I came in and asked a lady at the pharmacy to contact my doctor for refill, it's printed on the package--promised for the same day, the next day I contacted my doctor myself and he ordered the refill directly with the pharmacy, I waited by the phone for a "ready message" from the pharmacy, no call and no text for days... almost died. Finally the day before I traveled for Thanksgiving, I came in and was told the refill was ready, and I had to wait for days without medication, you could have killed someone. (Walgreens used to ask if I had enough pills to go on while waiting, so they could give me a few to get by without discontinuation.)

I am complaining the staff at the pharmacy ignored me, and did not take the incident seriously--when someone's suffering without medication for even a day. It could be a matter of life and death, and serious effect/damage on daily living/work/family. (Having been a loyal customer for years, I am mad at the treatment I have received.)

Vuong, Long
333 S Tyler Rd 203
Wichita KS 67209

Nov 21, 2018

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